Jones Bootmaker

.tags Jones Bootmaker started in 1857 as a family business of Alfred Jones and his wife Emma, nine of their sons continued the business with each opening stores with the name A. Jones & Sons. The company flourished and its growth continued and joined Church & Co. Joining the Church & Co. group the company became known as ‘Jones Bootmaker since 1857’. Despite its continued growth Jones Bootmaker has maintained its quality products and its quality of service and has become an Iconic brand in the UK.

The quality of footwear they produce has not wavered and so has the excellent customer service that they continue to provide until today. They have over 80 branches spread out across the UK, with outlets in prominent stores and in high profile business units in London.

Their products include footwear for women, men and children and the footwear being sold ranges from all different kinds of footwear for all occasions. Not only does Jones Bootmaker sell shoes and footwear they also sell items that will help you take care of your shoes. These items include boot straps and laces, even cleaning items such as polish and wax. Aside from selling items to take care of your shoes they also sell items that will help with taking care of your feet because your tired soles need care also.

The growth of the company is in time with technology as well, they have launched their official website where visitors can also shop online and have the item shipped to your home address. You can also have the items you purchased delivered internationally.

Prices for delivery charges are conveniently located on the store’s website as well as a time of delivery to give you an idea how many days it will take for your item to arrive.

If you are worried about shoe sizing you have up to 28 days to return the item should it not fit you or for any other reason. There is a conversion chart available on the website that you can easily access and refer to with regards to shoe size.

If you are a shoe lover or just looking for a sturdy fashionable and quality pair of shoes, it would be worth your time to visit any of Jones Bootmakers’ stores or you can simply take a look at their website.