Jones Act And Quality Of Life

.tags Many maritime workers do not know that the laws governing maritime work injuries are not covered under “ordinary” workers compensation procedures and legislation. The Jones Act is federal law that covers various aspects of an employer operating at sea. Anyone looking for Jones Act information should know that offshore oil rigs, boats, and other seafaring vessels are covered under the Jones Act.

Maritime attorneys understand the ins and outs of the Jones Act, and know what portion of it covers injured workers. Jones Act information includes a potential far greater amount of compensation for a work-related injury than you might typically find under workers compensation law.

Maritime attorneys specialize in cases that involve accident or injury of a worker on a seafaring vessel. Jones Act information is readily available online, but when an injured worker talks to maritime attorneys, he or she will discover that a settlement quite higher than previously thought may be available.

Jones Act information shows that a worker injured aboard a maritime vessel may be eligible not just for lost wages and medical expenses, but for quality of life deductions as well. If an injury on a maritime vessel has caused significant loss of quality of life for the injured worker, maritime attorneys will tell the worker that he or she may expect compensation above and beyond loss of work wages and medical expenses.

Because there are many ins and outs to Jones Act information that a “regular” workers compensation attorney may not know, maritime attorneys are a reliable and trusted place for injured maritime workers to look for information. Maritime attorneys will help an injured worker get the kind of compensatory settlement that he or she deserves, based on the employer, the nature of the injury, loss of quality of life, and other circumstances that go along with an injury incurred on a seafaring vessel.

Jones Act information is important to understand for any worker who is injured while working a maritime job. Maritime attorneys will spare no details in helping an injured worker obtain the settlement that they deserve after dealing with a painful, even life-changing injury. Workers looking for Jones Act information after a work injury can rely on maritime attorneys to provide the chances for a good settlement in a fair way, based on years of experience and understanding of Jones Act information.

Maritime attorneys know the complexities of Jones Act information, and are willing to help injured maritime workers best benefit from the information.