Jody McIntyre was Harassed by a Police Officer


Jody McIntyre was harassed by a police officer and a video of this incident has been posted on Youtube and that has triggered vibrations amongst the law enforcement authorities. With the cameras being omnipresent, privacy has been curtailed in our society.

This is a superior and poor factor.

Jody McIntyre was Pulled of his Wheelchair

Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson has been facing a lot of pressure because this video of Jody McIntyre becoming harassed by a police officer has gone viral on to the internet. Jody McIntyre has not lodged a formal complaint yet and says he is in the method of carrying out so. McIntyre was in a wheelchair throughout some student protests and he stated that at 1st a few officers took him away from his wheelchair stating that it was for his own safety, but later 1 of those officers ran towards him and tipped more than his wheelchair and dragged him out of it from the center of the road to the roadside, and that is when he was restrained by fellow police officers. The police have faced large criticism from the persons following the G20 protests where 1 person died following an encounter with a police officer. That particular person may well have deserved it but not McIntyre and this may well have been an accident but it was also intentional.

This Does Qualify

Accident attorneys can assist people today who are affected throughout such incidents and accidents to gain compensation for their medical ailments or for other damages. Accident attorneys aid people who have been a victim to accidents and most frequently those cases are related to road accidents. McIntyre was on the street and it is not a vehicle that triggered him problems but another human. Accident attorneys have a lot of cases to work with and this could be another one.