Jobs in Pakistan – Current Scenario of Pakistan Job Market


Pakistan is always struggling with its Job market situation and creates employment opportunities never the same. An unforeseen situation in the country and Government polices always varied which effects seriously on job market.

Factors affecting the Job Market:

The deteriorating law and order situation in various parts of the country forced the investors to offload their investments. The news of bomb blasts and ever increasing threats of blasts in different cities kept the investors and business growth activities on the sideline. It affect as a serious stop mark on Pakistan job market.
Load shedding of electricity is disturbing economy, especially the industrial sector as it is one of the largest sectors of Pakistan’s economy. This sector should employ a large number of labors. But Due to electricity breakdown already established industry is deteriorating, resulting in the prevailing unemployment ratio. Due to less availability and high rates of basic inputs like electricity, gas and oil etc, many industries have been closed and many preparing to close. This uncertain situation of power failure is reducing the plans of the future Business expansion in the country and leaving an irremovable impact on Pakistan Job market.
Current international financial crisis is also one of the biggest reason of unemployment in Pakistan and in the whole world. This crisis originated from the banking sector of USA, UK and some European countries and is now a global phenomena.

Factors favorable to the Job Market:

In current adverse market situation jobseekers are exploring new ways for employment activities and businessmen are trying almost everything to reduce the cost of production, it has opened the doors of opportunities of outsourcing and off shoring which were buzzwords a decade ago but unfortunately we couldn’t materialize the opportunity provided to us.
The recent global developments have made the internet a marketplace where you can work at home as a free lancer and safely make extra money. There are plenty of freelance sources available for freelancers who want to sell their time and skills in the global marketplace. Home office business is flourishing in the Pakistan and it is predicted to be the new ever increasing employment trend in the country.