Jimmy Brand, Founder Of Jimmy Choo


Sun Yun-yun said in an interview: “I like to wear antique clothing ride jeans, accompanied by Converse then let’s use a Chloe bag, so private that I often wear, I think … … how to describe it, low-profile retro bar again! “Sun Yun-yun has many classic Chloe bag, Chloe handbag just like a storm in 2005 when Red took her pre-empt the Silverado bag, lock bag. Bay bag she was carrying in 2006 exposure, immediately enthusiastic buying lead.The heel of great features, plexiglass and wood ruled co-ordination is a blend of modern and natural ingenuity to make.

Jimmy Choo was the late British Princess Diana, Queen’s shoemaker, Madonna, Kylie – Minogue, Spice Girl Victoria, and so is his loyal supporters.Brand, founder of Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian native of Guangdong, designer shoes,and wholesale Jimmy handbags small shoemaker to follow his father to learn shoe-making technology.Return to 80’s design is refreshing, handbags series, the hibiscus bright red patent leather coupled with a distinctive body shape, design a bold exaggeration interesting full. Focus on square thick crust models including the new high-heeled shoes “Lexy” accompanied by the green, while blue and red French Jing leather to choose from.

Within ten years, Jimmy Choo fast becoming a European royal family and the darling of European and American fashion industry In addition, Forever Fashion Icon ─ Kate Moss blessing off Silverado, Betty python handbag is also the focus on display. The “Lock package” form a majority of French brands Chloe, cheap designer handbags first introduced in 2001, 2005 Red-lock bag storms so far, every quarter in the aristocratic, supermodel, actress, driven by a record number of IT Bag records, such as Sun Yun-yun Zeng Eurya off Paddington lock bag, Tsai Shan like to use the Bay bag,

Maggie Cheung, Jolin Tsai, and Kate Moss have been a Betty back pack.8 years of constant renovation Chloe handbag designed in order to allow a better understanding of global consumer brands like Chloe expression “every innovation is not to be missed classic” concept, will tomorrow launch the world’s classic package retrospective, Taipei is the first tour Station.Jimmy Choo brand for many years been focused on the design and production of women’s accessories, the brand co-founder Tamara Mellon, said: “If you select the appropriate pairs of shoes and bags, whether you’re wearing what, you always look Stick! “In such a concept under, jimmy choo shoes and Jimmy handbags for each section are always sought after in all aspects of quasi-perfect, in order to meet all the women on various occasions, under the right and accessories needs.