Jim Corbett National Park Weekend Tour


I am not privileged like many of my friends working in offices to have five-day working week. It was mere a coincident that I took leave on Friday and Saturday. Mere a thought of three consecutive days without work brought me great relief. Though I told my office that I was ill, in fact I had something else on mind. I was set to kick off Corbett Weekend tour, for others it may be a simple travel to Corbett National Park, for me it was a journey to heaven. I had heard a lot about Jim Corbett National Park. And let me tell you once you come here you will never be disappointed. It’s simply fantastic and will certainly let your mind attain utmost peace of mind.

My weekend tour to Jim Corbett was handled and organised by a reputed tour and travel agency based in Mayur Vihar, Delhi. The tour operator is highly experienced and I was pretty sure no goof up will spoil my weekend fun. My journey began from New Delhi. I had chosen to travel to Corbett in a cab. I was really happy to receive a cab that was not only comfortable but equipped with air conditioner, music system and of course plenty of space to keep my kit and luggage. Let me tell you one thing once you enter the beautiful Corbett tiger reserve, you will realise how congested city life is. After passing some busy towns, areas in proximity to Jim Corbett National Park were very less crowded and above all pollution less. While staying in Delhi I had simply forgotten how a fresh air smells like and how it feels when cool breeze combs your hair! My excitement and eagerness to step in Corbett were getting on me. Well, I missed out one thing here. The journey to Corbett, especially in Nainital district is simply amazing! Lot of greenery, fresh air, mountains and panoramic sceneries are enough to bewilder you.

After arriving in Corbett, I realised there are many more ways to explore this majestic valley. Elephant safari in corbett, jeep safari in corbett and canter safari in corbett are ones that I believe are highly availed. And I was amazed to see foreigners outnumbering Indian tourists. It really gratified me that Corbett is not only famous in India but abroad as well.

When we talk about Corbett and time spent here, one cannot stop boasting about his first encounter with tigers. Well I have never seen tigers roaming so freely anywhere else. Yes they are bit shy but very harmless and at times you feel why mankind ever tried to intrude in their world. And other animals, they are equally amazing. Though it’s mainly known as tiger reserve, Corbett is also heaven for bird lovers and fishing lovers. Water is in plenty and I remember people talking about fishing a Mahseer.

First day on the weekend tour, I kicked off jeep safari. Jeep safari was great. Watching the nature smoothly with no pressure on your shoulders to do any task, there cannot be anything else fun. Dhikala forest lodge is nice place. People are good and hospitable. I never felt that my budget tour was lesser fun than those who availed high costing tours. Food at this place is amazing. Ask for any cuisine, quality is always there. I was very happy to see this as am bit choosy about accommodation and cuisine facilities. Second day went superb. Elephant safari I had never imagined could be so fun. Watching corbett from this seat is simply different. Do try this. After the ride, I preferred taking rest in my room. By the way I never closed my eyes a single moment. Scenes around me always kept me fascinating. The third day was yet another memorable moment with a short trip on jeep.

Guides are very good and efficient. They not only inform you but make sure you come to know something which no other people or website can brief you. For example I didn’t knew Corbett is one of the rare places on earth to have so many tigers, which are now in endangered category. The overwhelming experience of Corbett weekend tour is going to stay in my mind for a long time. And it will keep me charged up for really long time. Well, having said that, am back to my six-day working life. Guys if your not unlucky like me, do go for Corbett weekend tour, it’s amazing!