Jet Skiing For Beginners

{flickr|100|campaign} If lying down by the beach and getting a tan is not your kind of thing, rough water sports like jet skiing may be the perfect beach activity for you. Jet skiing may seem like a difficult sport to learn. There may be a few safety precautions to keep in mind but the truth is that jet skiing is actually easy and a lot of fun. Learn the basics of jet skiing. Here is a step by step guide for beginners.

Step 1: Before anything else, it is very important that you attach the engine shut-off clip into your waist. This should be done before you start skiing. This precaution will ensure that engine is switched of automatically in case you get thrown out of the jet ski. If you dont consider yourself a competent swimmer, make sure that your life jacket is securely fastened before starting the motor.

Step 2: Place your hands firmly on the handlebars. Start by engaging the throttle very carefully. When youre close to the shore, maintain your space at the lowest level. This speed falls around 10 mph or less. Then as you go further, increase your speed as you wish.

Step 3: Practice the turns. The turns may be the most difficult thing to master for beginners. Practice making turns using the lowest speed. Do this until youre comfortable enough in shifting your weight with the jet ski. Stay close to the shore until youve mastered making a turn.

Step 4: As you move farther from the dock, slowly take the jet ski into a higher speed. The nose should be slightly raised out of the water to create a small wake. This is where the fun starts. Be ready to get water sprayed up into your face as you ride through the waves.

Step 5: Approach waves from the front. There are circumstances when the jet ski may be thrown in the air. To avoid accidents, lift your body off your seat at least a few inches. This will lessen the impact and keep your driving pace at a constant level.

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