Javea – A Town Of Cultural Attractions, Natural Beauty, and Golf


Javea is a coastal town which is located on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a convenient site for tourists from all over the world. One of the main reason for this is that there are always cheap airlines here which have discount airfares, making it affordable for everyone.


The Cabo San Martin and Cabo San Antonio are two bays that border the town of Javea. These surroundings lend to a long list of cultural and natural attractions in the area. The climate is also very favorable to tourism. The average temperature range year round is a high of 40 degrees Celsius, or 104 degrees Fahrenheit in the hottest part of the summer to the coolest temperatures in winter of 10 degrees Celsius, 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Javea is guarded from the harsh northern winds by the mountainous ridge of the Montgo. At 753 meters, or 2470 feet high, this true windbreaker keeps Javea pleasant year round.


Javea is broken down into three basic areas, the beach, the village and the port areas. The beaches are very popular areas in Javea, particularly during the hot summer months. For those prone to sun worship and water sports, there are several hotels and apartments available for rent in Javea’s beach area.


Three kilometers, or less than 2 miles inland, is the village area. Here the magnificent shopping and restaurants are very popular and many people stay here when on holiday. There are many opportunities to rent a place from either a travel agent or directly from the property owner, but either way, finding a rental is easy and less expensive than the beach area.


The port area was developed in the 15th century, but is now popular for its harbor area restaurants. There is a beach and marina and a nautical club that has been the main gathering place since it was built in 1963.


There are many attractions and fun things to do in Javea. There are many ancient churches like the Iglesia de San Bartolome from the 12th Century for tourists to see here. The Soler Blasco Museum is home to the treasure of Javea, a collection of jewelry that is many centuries old. Cabo De Nao San Martin is a nice walk up a small hill with a lighthouse at its center. The view is amazing and attracts many viewers into the harbor area. The Montgo Nature Park is home to many representatives of native birds, plants and flowers. For the golf lovers, there are many courses from which to choose. There are also a large number of resorts with amenities for those who want swimming pools, tennis courts, nice restaurants and spas.