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In Refrigerator Fitting Industry has a wealth of experience and history, but all this machine from the Japanese cherry into the refrigerator after the cause of the beginning of a new future, on this basis cherry refrigerator, how to face the opportunities and challenges? Ben Wang interviewed Ningbo Ying Shen Electric Co. Chairman and General Manager, Mr. Baoqing.

Sakura Electric Co., Ltd. Ningbo factory

Ningbo Sakura Electric Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales refrigerators, wine coolers and other cooling appliances business, annual output of more than 50 million refrigeration appliances. After years of development, the company is now expanding into Japan Sakura area of 25,000 square meters of large-scale enterprises, and among the leading industries in Ningbo refrigerator status, production and sales among the highest for many years.

Not for others to do the wedding dress

Japan Sakura Electric refrigerator from the company started to do matching, Journal of General told reporters that 80 Japanese Sakura Electric is among the first production of refrigerator parts, Zhejiang Province, specialized chemical plant. Scarcity of goods in that era, such a first-looking Japanese cherry move the refrigerator for later in Ningbo enterprises played a certain role of benchmarking.

Since then, the Japanese Sakura turn into the big brand electric refrigerator products do OEM, has collaborated with famous brand Changling, Bo, Double Deer, the Ling, space, strange sound, ej nur so established OEM relationship. With perfect quality assurance system, stable and reliable product quality, strict cost control and reasonable price, making Japanese Sakura’s OEM production ahead of the counterparts. “Even in the refrigerator market is relatively flat this year, Ningbo many refrigerator manufacturers miserable grim situation, the Japanese cherry refrigerator OEM orders remain endless.” Shen said the total is quite confident.

But the Japanese cherry electrical not only positioning itself in the OEM business, in recent years began to operate independently and own brands?? “On Sakura.” Journal of the total deep feeling of talking about: “OEM Sakura brought the Japanese capital, technology and supply chain of primitive accumulation, but the long-term for the ‘others do marry clothes’ condition is not conducive to enterprise development in depth.”

High quality hardware and software decisions

Relevant departments, according to statistics, life expectancy of Chinese enterprises is not high on the success of cases of Chinese companies can be found in the average life expectancy of Chinese enterprises is only 6.5? 7 years, private enterprises is only 2.9 years old. Born in the 80’s Japanese cherry appliances, Why in today’s fierce market competition, is still leading in the industry, and to maintain sustained and steady development trend then?

Shen, chairman of General announced the answer: “Japanese Sakura appliances, hardware and software very well in the article.”

From the hardware side, the company has from product parts production, assembly, inspection, testing, storage and other advanced packaging production line, equipped with professional engineers and quality managers responsible for product development, design and quality supervision; More importantly, the Japanese cherry refrigerator materials consistent real materials, and most of the parts is made to the source control product quality.

From the software side, the first since the Japanese cherry has established a perfect quality assurance system, over the years have never been batch of product quality, followed by Japan Sakura Electric over the years with Toshiba, Korea


Technical cooperation and other multinational companies, upgrading its products and quality management provide a strong support. “Understanding Japanese cherry refrigerator people, often the Japanese cherry refrigerator full of praise for quality management.” Shen added, the total is quite proud.