Jaisalmer – Stories In The Sand

{flickr|100|campaign} Jaisalmer is a very important tourist destination in the state of Rajasthan, and is one region (or city) that is flooded with tourists throughout the year. There are many hotels that you can choose to stay in, while in Jaisalmer. Some of the prominent Jaisalmer hotels are Hotel Moonlight, Garh Jaisal, Hotel Shree Govindam, Titanic Hotel, Artist Hotel, Shanti Residency, Hotel Surja Guest House and Hotel Jaisal Palace.

All the rooms in these aforementioned hotels are well furnished and well equipped with fully air conditioned spaces. These hotel rooms also have mini bars that you can use depending on your personal preference. Telephone facilities will also be available in all rooms, and ISD facilities with direct dialing will be provided. You can also opt for these rooms because they will have proper Wi-Fi facilities and internet connectivity. The front desk in these hotels will be really helpful and you can count on the front desk personnel to help you out. The food provided in these hotels will also be very good, with a wide range of cuisines available for your consumption. You can opt for the local favorite Rajasthani food, and you can also opt for other regular cuisines including the continental cuisine, the basic Indian cuisine, Thai and Chinese cuisine and also Italian cuisine (in some hotels). Rajasthani food is really popular among the tourists and the dishes and snacks available in Rajasthan are one of their kind. These luxury hotels will provide authentic Rajasthani cuisine which will spice up your taste buds a wee bit.

These major hotels in Jaisalmer will also have a coffee lounge, where you can catch up on your past with close friends and relatives. Hotels in Jaisalmer will have a sunset point, and you can get lost in the magic of the spectacle every evening in Jaisalmer. Camel rides will also be provide by some resorts in Jaisalmer, and local food, music and dance can also be seen and experienced during your stay in these hotels and resorts. Opting for a camel ride through can be a very exciting experience. Resorts in Rajasthan are thus crowded throughout the year even after the tourist season is over. Tourists flock to these resorts just to grab a bite of delicious some Rajasthani cuisine and spend some times of fun and frolic amidst the dunes.

You can get good Korean food in Titanic Hotel for charges of around 4000 to 7000 INR.