It takes a little more than a touch of the old blarney to be successful in business in Dublin


A reliable and knowledgeable parcel delivery company is an increasingly important part of the formula for businesses to enjoy fruitful partnerships with both suppliers and customers across the Irish Sea. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Dublin has attractions far beyond its reputation as a friendly and beautiful city.

By 2009 it was ranked the fourth richest city in the world, and evidence of this could be seen in the many impressive new buildings, and modern infrastructure such as the new LUAS tram network which opened in 2004, and by 2014 will extend to five lines.

The city’s main airport lies six miles north of the city centre. It is by far the busiest airport in Ireland, and the corridor between the city and London has the most intensive service of any route within the European Union. That is great news for anyone wanting to send a parcel to Dublin, and most other parts of the UK, because these too enjoy excellent links, by both air and sea, to the Irish capital.

Over the years, these well-established connections have resulted in many people from the UK discovering Dublin, and many venturing even further afield to sample the more relaxed pace of life in the smaller towns of the rest of the Republic of Ireland. And because the country drives on the left, and the road signs are almost identical to those found in the UK, many visitors cross from the mainland and are pleasantly surprised by the ease with which they can do business with potential Irish customers.

Air cargo also reaches Dublin quickly from principal mainland airports, with those from which direct services are offered including Stansted, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and East Midlands. The airport area itself is the subject of large-scale development plans from the Airport Authority, which could see more than 6.5million square feet of office space, and 430,000 square feet of retail, hotel and conference facilities created. It is hoped that businesses will be attracted by the prospect to office-to-airport travel times of as little as six minutes.

Despite its economy suffering seriously as a result of the 2008/9 financial crisis, Dublin is still pressing ahead with ambitious plans aimed at seeing it retain its position as a world-leading city. The good news is, that anyone wanting to share in that success by doing business in the city can benefit from regular and reliable delivery services offered by many leading international courier companies.

Parcel delivery to Dublin is simple to arrange by going online. Comparisons can be made of prices and service levels offered by the leading international couriers.