IT For Sports & Leisure – An Overview


Financial management that brings it all together The backbone of any sports or leisure venue, Microsoft Dynamic GP sharply reduces time and effort needed for key accounting tasks. The solution also provides easy access and rich analysis of integrated, updated information and connects smoothly with operations across your entire business.

Manage your financials in the way that best suits your business with unlimited budget tracking, flexible period or month end closing processes and definable multi-currency management – and that’s just the start. Expansive capabilities embrace all the financial activity that moves through your business – from general ledger to inter-company postings, purchasing to project management, expense management to electronic banking.

Count on one version of the truth at all times. Whether you’re drilling down on invoices or purchase orders, evaluating revenues from your e-commerce site, managing payroll or processing multi-currency transactions, you’ll have the power of automatic information updates and seamless integration across your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

A broad range of reporting and business intelligence tools provides the deep visibility into accurate, current information that’s key to effective decision making – ranging from at-a-glance views for key performance indicators to cross-company reports from Microsoft FRx. One interconnected solution Extend the reach of your organisation with one solution that gives you the power to manage your business the way you want.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers Business Ready Licensing that streamlines the previous modular pricing model to a new system based primarily on the number of users of the software. Business Ready Licensing has reduced the price of typical entry-level configuration and simplified the module selection. From core business processes to webbased delivery of applications, you have the assurance that operations and information are flowing smoothly across your organization – always current, always accurate.

Take integration a step further by leveraging a Microsoft platform that lets you seamlessly integrate with other platforms and data sources, such as ticketing and retail. You can also build custom solutions that meet sporting industry and business-specific needs.

Insight: A complete view of your business Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers analytical and reporting capabilities designed for real people, so that decision makers and employees have the power to see exactly what’s happening within your sports or leisure organization. Not just the big picture, but the critical costs that determine profitability. Do more than access information – make sense of it

Monitor all operations, costs and revenues across commercial, media and event activities, with built in drill-down, inquiry and reporting capabilities.

Proactively drill-down to individual event analysis.

Define and deliver personalized views of key performance metrics that enable decision makers to quickly assess current conditions and monitor underlying trends. Tailor reporting processes to fit your organization.

Easily create, update and modify all reports and forms your organization uses with Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer.

Build customizable financial reports with Microsoft FRx, including personalized packages that consolidate Microsoft® Office documents, Microsoft FRx reports and other formats into a single file for delivery to decision makers and use flexible scheduling and delivery options to publish reports. Eliminate the learning curve with easy integration into Microsoft® Office By combining the world’s most widely used productivity applications and Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can speed up access to business information, strengthen reporting capabilities and foster teamwork and collaboration.

Share budgeting data with Microsoft® Office Excel, with the ability to make full use of Office Excel-based reporting and budgeting capabilities.

Highlight your financials in vivid detail with the ability to transform Microsoft Dynamics GP information into Excel pivot tables and charts with a single click.

Drive accurate information into users’ hands more quickly and eliminate the need to juggle applications by allowing them to locate and access Microsoft Dynamics GP data while working within Microsoft® Office.

Easily populate Microsoft® Office Word form letters and other documents with up-to-date customer and supplier information, using simple step-by-step instructions.

Reduce paper-based processes by delivering online self-service applications, requisitions and online queries and enable managers to complete common tasks quickly by sending email alerts when items are ready for approval.

To better understand whether your existing financial management software is adequately supporting your business, ask yourself the following questions:

– Is your finance department spending a lot of time preparing reports to get information to those that require it?
– Is data being re-keyed from external applications?
– Do errors occur?
– Is it difficult to set up codes to track transaction activity by events, cost center, match, player etc. in order to further analyze expenses? Is analysis always readily available? Is the analysis cumbersome or does it require additional software?
– Are you able to perform ‘what-if’ cash scenarios? Is this a cumbersome and error-prone process? Is it difficult to update when underlying data changes?
– Do you spend time transferring budget data from spreadsheets into management accounts? Can you easily transfer actual and budget data between the general ledger and Excel for reviewing and updating forecasts?