Isle of Wight is The Best Place!


No matter what season of the year is now there is one magnificent destination where you will plenty of things to do and to see. IOW is considered to be one of the best adventurer places in the world. However if you go there during your summer vacation it can become even the best travel destination for having a splendid holiday and there four strong reasons that corroborate this assertion and here they are: Incredibly Fabulous beaches The Isle of Wight has the most fabulous beaches one can dream of closing his or her eyes. Clean soft sand, pebbles, majestic cliffs at the edge of the sea and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore and you are basking in the sun with all your entire family. What image can be more tempting and alluring? Going to the IOW you can easily make your dream come true. You can find plenty of nice award-winning beaches on the island and some of them are considered to be the most beautiful in the UK. Historical Sites The second strong trait of the island is its historical sites. Museums and galleries, castles and private residences, parks and natural park areas are the facilities that mirror the Isle of Wight`s history. The list of places of historical interest seems to be endless and they all are worth visiting. Renowned for its proprietor Osborne House that is in Cowes was once Queen Victoria’s holiday home and the shelter where the queen eventually died. In addition the Isle is known as an area of fossil sites. You can experience digging up artifacts in person. It is exciting to dig up fossils that could belong to dinosaur era, isn`t it? By the sea As it is an island it would be rather strange if it didn`t have attractions related to sea. There are even special museum that reconstruct the chronology of industry of building ships not only on the island but of the whole kingdom. Inveterate fishermen can get beneficial experience fishing in the waters. But it goes without saying that one of the most imposing Isle of Wight attractions takes place in August. To be more exact, known throughout the world centre for sailing, Cowes hosts racing regattas and this spectacular event brings crew and plenty of visitors from all over the world to witness this one of the longest-running racing regattas. This impressive water sport event can include even more than 1,000 yachts. Over 50 classes of yacht race every year and are a feast to the eye. Walking festivals As soon as you make your first steps on the island you will be surprised by its magnificent nature. Thus walks are to the point. The Isle of Wight has over 500 miles on designated pathways. Those who really like walks can participate in the yearly Walking Festival. This event invites everybody who wishes lasts about two weeks in May. Isle of Wight Hotels and Guest Houses You will be surprised discovering that IOW is as hospitable as one can only imagine. It has all kinds of accommodation to fit every taste and budget.