Is E Learning Services Necessity of Today’s Generation?


Change is the only constant factor that is observed. What was avant-garde yesterday is today’s outdated. The IT industry engaged in developing computer based tutorials (CBT), which is a part of large e leaning company, is booming with opportunities. The smart class provides opportunities to people of advancing their studies. With so much competition in the market one has to keep themselves upgraded in their field. E learning services comes handy in such situations that allow the learners to enable themselves in use of desired technology or knowledge. This services is a part of distance education that offers learner to learn at own pace. This concept is basically using high end technical objects that use networked information and communications technology in teaching and learning. It is synonymous to words such as online learning, virtual learning, distributed learning, network and web based learning.


Computer based tutorials are novel idea used by today’s educators while struggling with the need of providing effective learning deliveries. The modern means of learning such as

computer based tutorials, web based tutorials, and webinars engage learners in such a manner that they are interested and more willing to take up the learning. The key attribute of this modern information and communications technology is its ability to enable flexible access to information and resources. Flexible access allows user to refer and use information at any time, place and pace. The learner is free to use the learning materials at situations that are suitable and convenient to individual learners rather than the instructor or the organization offering the

e learning services. The well-designed technology driven learning objects used in smart classes’ helps users to gain knowledge at self-paced. These materials are thus also known as self-paced learning materials. Developing a computer based tutorials for smart classes is a mix of various activities that help in developing a desired product.


As a CBT developer, your main goals should be to develop an interactive and interesting product that people enjoy. The learning material has to break free from the long bondages of burdened learning practices. While designing a

CBT, a developer has to develop a layout or frame work of the product. This gives an initial look and feel of the end product. Once the layout is fixed, the colour schema and graphics have to be finalized. The placement of company logo, text, diagrams, images, and other navigation buttons is pre-decided to get a fully workable interface. It is advisable to be consistent in font style and size. The next steps are text placement and adding voice over which finishes the”>Computer Based Tutorials. the quality testers check for the slip-ups and rectify them before releasing the product in market.