Is a Laptop Backpack For You?


A Laptop Back Pack will Keep You Comfortably on the Go

Backpacks are not what they used to be. They are now everything you need, for everything you do, wrapped up in one convenient, easy to use package. No longer are they used just by kids to carry their books and pencils back and forth to school. A whole new generation of laptop backpacks is now being made for multiple generations of technology users.

Most of us can’t go anywhere without our laptops. Along with our PDA and cell phone they are our lifeline to everything we do. But, more than any other piece of technology we carry with us; we worry about our laptop’s safety. After all, we are carting them in and out of the car, back and forth to class, in and out of Starbucks and we are quite aware that they are not impervious to the occasional absent minded mishap.

The laptop backpack offers the perfect solution for any laptop owner. Backpacks are no longer the unlined sack to throw books in that they once were. And the laptop owner is no longer confined to a briefcase style carrier to protect their laptop. Backpacks have been revolutionized to accommodate the growth in technology and now provide protection and security with their original function of mobility and carrying ease.

Laptop owners are also understandably security conscious. They are aware of how easy it is for someone to walk off with their laptop when they’re not paying attention. A laptop backpack gives the laptop owner peace of mind. With the laptop strapped securely to the owner’s back, there is no longer the possibility of setting it down absent mindedly while fixing a cup of coffee and/or walking off and leaving it behind, like there was with the briefcase style carrier.

Beyond functionality, laptop backpacks have style and personality. They come in a wide array of colors, from camouflage and checkered to solid black and everything in between. You will find a wide variety of pocket styles, both inside the backpack and out. They have compartments and holders for a cell phone, PDA, pens and pencils, notebooks, datebooks, i Pod, CD’s, you name it, laptop backpacks are designed to carry it.

For the gamer on the move, check out the Alienware Orion backpack. It will fit that 17″ laptop with ease and comfort and speaking of comfort, it has state of the art padding to protect your laptop and your peace of mind. This state of the art laptop backpack has tons of pockets for everything you need for gaming and the cell phone pocket even has a Wireless Security Shield to protect it from hackers. And of course the back straps are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

Travelers of all kinds who pass through airport security on a regular basis will want to check out the ScanFast Checkpoint friendly laptop backpack. It also holds up to a 17″ laptop and has been tested and approved to meet the guidelines for carry-on luggage by the Transportation Security Administration. You don’t have to worry every time you go through check out whether or not you will get through.

If you have a laptop or are planning to buy one, you will want to put a laptop backpack on your “must have” shopping list. It will give you the freedom and flexibility you want and the safety and protection you need to keep your laptop safe and you comfortably on the go. Guaranteed.