Intriguing Historical Cordoba


There is no other place in the world than at Cordoba where the diverse cultures of Islam, Judaism and Christianity exist so admirably. Cordoba is the ex-capital of Spain, since during the Moorish era.

Majestic Structures Preserved
An Islamic Mosque

Abd ar-Rahman II, an Islamic ruler at Cordoba, constructed the La Mezquita which was the alternative great mosque to Mecca. This spot was identified through the Holy Quran as well as an arm bone from the prophet Muhammed. This mosque has beautiful multiple columns with prayer niches of Byzantine style. Its uniqueness stems from the Christian cathedral inside the mosque which was built by Ferdinand III, a Catholic king. Thus, the Mosque holds a unique blend of religion, history, and art.

A Jewish Synagogue
At the northern part of this Mosque is Juderia, which is an ancient Jewish section, holding strong as a world center for the Jewish culture during Spain’s middle Ages. The quarter retains its narrow streets and limestone houses which are painted white with quaint balconies above small shops. Existing is the Jewish synagogue on Judios street that was built in 1492. Its elaborate plaster work is a definite piece of Mudejar art.

A Christian Cathedral
Cordoba is made further famous with another religious celebration; the Holy Week, around the Easter period where as many as 32 processions and 60 performances displaying the holy saints are for all to view and worship. Thousands of pilgrims flock to this site every year with Crosses of May, where crosses are shaped with flowers, adorning the public squares and homes of the locals.

Cordoba Festivities

Gypsies come out aplenty with gaily colored costumes which are typical traditional Cordoba attire with men riding horses on the streets at the Nuestra SeƱora fair at month end. Everyone enjoys the free flow of white wine while dancing away to the music.

Weather at Cordoba

Temperatures in Cordoba can reach 40 degrees Celsius in the summer months of July and August months; thus, it is advisable to be prepared with light clothing while staying out of the sun between noon and late afternoon. Drink as much water as you can to quench your thirst throughout the day, while carrying a bottle for your own convenience.

Availability of Hotels

There are plenty of Spanish-flavored hotels for your selection here at Cordoba. Some offer interesting views as they are located near historical sites, while others offer quiet and relaxation, away from the bustling town center.

There is a wide range of accommodations that will suit your budget here which are built in various designs and styles with pools, ornate decorations, arches, and columns of historical influence. Orange trees can be found even at the hotel gardens. Some hotels have existed since the 16th century; being converted from ancient structures like palaces of that era, but are now fully equipped with modern amenities. You will surely enjoy your stay indoors or out.