Interpretation Of Electric Plastic Film Into The West Will Brook Red Star Over China Yin – Film,

.tags Turn of the century in 1999, the CPC Central Committee launched the western development strategy. Now 10 years later, where the earth-shaking changes have taken place long ago, had just returned from the Xinjiang Lai Yin would say: in 1999 the benefits just listed, now 10 years later, we have to respond to the call, enter the West , can do something for the western development. This benefits us in terms of geothermal, with extraordinary significance.

About the recent trip to Xinjiang, the first stop on the west, who in the heat of the head of benefit to, is particularly excited. “It should be said that Xinjiang is a national local government, the first clear statement, to popularize electric heating experiment Project Local government. Indicates the Xinjiang Urban Construction officials extraordinary courage and vigor, and as an electrical heating business, we have strong businesses, good products, also for the local population and urban and rural infrastructure to make our contribution. “Lai Yin will be highlighted as a heating business, it should be their responsibility as the people’s livelihood, and economic efficiency is not his ultimate goal to pursue.

In today’s urban and rural construction, if the cost of sacrificing the environment, then we leave for future generations is the so-called modern civilization, a castle just piled up, they will not enjoy the green and healthy and fresh air. It is precisely because of this vision of local government in Xinjiang, that breaks the traditional concept, determined to introduce electric heating, only to be more fertile pastures at the foot of the Tianshan, Tianshan more blue sky above. Faced with this opportunity, Lai Yin will be a clear understanding that they face not only a huge market, but also a responsibility.

After 07 years from the western provinces and autonomous regions on the urban and rural Building Of Energy Requirements have increased, including Xinjiang, public construction projects of energy conservation index have more than 50% fixed grid, and some key areas to promote the ongoing 65% of the pilot. This provided for the electric heating in the western preconditions.

Would Lai Yin told reporters: “heating film is not a panacea, it has its own installed base, but I’m sure the point is, when the building design energy efficiency standards for more than 50%, the occupancy rate of the traditional plumbing standards, our operating costs significantly lower than conventional heating, this is our practice of engineering in the national number of cases summarized the data. “In order to verify the facts of his mouth, many journalists have had the benefit of the field Ta Fang model projects, and in the general population there was evidence, the documents by the user pay the electric bill, you can see, a heating season average heating costs about 1,000 yuan, compared with the cost savings of nearly Plumbing Unit 1 / 3 more than, the data convincing. Compared to the western climate, the more severe the winter of Harbin, Harbin, since the use of electric heating film in effect already so obvious that the application should be more in the west there is no problem.

Compared with the northeast, west central heating pipe network construction is not yet well developed, especially in the second and third tier cities even more difficult to spread, and power to warm a heat pipe network without city real estate, office buildings and schools in the heating plant added that not only reduces the initial investment cost of the city pipes, but also to balance the power of the poor season we provided a very good idea. Electric Power Industry Bureau in Urumqi, the recent press conference on 2009 heard promises Xinjiang Electric Power Company, in power under the premise of unified planning, the increased investment, strengthening and construction of power grids to ensure adequate supply of electricity for civilian use. These come from the Government’s decision, no doubt is a blessing to the people in solving problems, but also for the popularity of electric heating in the green light.

In today’s major policy of economic integration under the guidance of the guiding philosophy of the whole country has been deep into the place, as part of developing the western region, the western provinces and autonomous regions almost in unison to walk in the joint development of the track. Compared with the Xinjiang, Ningxia and other regions without exception, is energy conservation as a guide, urban and rural construction in green Environmental protection The main line, building energy efficiency standards are basically same, people are steadily improving the quality of life. Yin Lai such

will describe his dream: “I grew up in the Songhua River, where the plains left me struggling Xueye footprint, but also times I try hard time juvenile. Squeezing small-time family In a heated kang also not against the winter cold, as the eventful years that I strengthened my dreams, that is, not to destroy my fellow cold blood, should be warm and pass the health needs of its families each . I long for the foot of the Tianshan wings of the eagle head held high, obsessive deep blue lake that wave film, recalling the ancient capital of Chang’an of the Tang culture, long history, but also eager to pay their last respects Pingliang trail Bongsudae mighty, these are I walked into the west power, there is the source of my dreams. ”