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As information technology, especially Optical fiber Technology and Internet technology development, capacity building to enable enterprises to IP Broadband Network For voice, data and images integrated transport. How existing voice transmission in IP networks has become an enterprise network construction or renovation of an important issue. VoIP technology provides a solution to this problem the solutions. Technically, VoIP, there are two basic implementations: IP extension mode and VoIP Gateway Way. The so-called IP extension mode is every voice in the network can enjoy the IP Service The phone itself is a special independent IP telephone This phone itself is a small computer, most VoIP operators such as voice coding, compression, packaging and other demolition set to achieve by phone; the other is an analog phone VoIP gateway + mode, phone as ordinary phones, all VoIP operations are achieved through the gateway device. Currently, two methods are mainly based on H.323 implementation, IP voice quality the same. IP extension mode even though the building Integrated wiring And the terminal side as an integrated business Mask Greater advantage, but in signaling, CT I technology integration, standards, open platforms such as larger technology gaps exist in support of small manufacturers, as well as uninterrupted power supply currently can not solve the problem and other reasons, its application in the present conditions more restricted , while the VoIP Gateway + analog phone mode with its mature technology, saving Investment Easy operation and maintenance and full use of existing voice systems, enterprise customers advantages, making home and abroad, enterprises and institutions of choice for IP voice solutions. This article focuses on an analog phone VoIP gateway + VoIP within the enterprise network implementations and network organizations, program development issues.

2VoIP gateway + analog phone voice system implementations

Typical VoIP gateway + analog phone voice system generally telephone terminals, gateways (GW), multi-access control unit (MCU) and the gatekeeper the four major parts, as defined based on H.323 protocol suite agreement Model . Gateway’s main function is to signal processing, H.323 protocol functionality, voice codecs and routing protocol processing, respectively and the external gateway PS TN connection relay interface and the interface with IP network connectivity; Gatekeeper’s main function is user authentication, address resolution, bandwidth Management , Security Management and regional management. In the case of small networks, gatekeeper is not required equipment, so you can save a lot of construction funds, the enterprise IP telephone network of the building has become very easy.

Business users through phone after a call by small enterprises Switch Or directly connecting to the gateway; gateway access code according to the calling trigger corresponding business processes, and then interact with the user access to the called number information; gateway access to the called number information, and Gateway have already set a good routing data comparison: if the called number corresponding to the first number has a corresponding routing data, the gateway will directly be established between the gateway and the client IP Communicate If the called number corresponding to the first number is no corresponding route data, the call fails, the gateway can prompt the user can not connect, and allow users to re-dial the called number; call between the two gateways established, was called the side of the gateway where the user will be called PSTN switch or PBX to establish a call request (or directly connected to the called extension), if the called number exists and is idle, the called phone will ring; called the ring After the hook, called the primary user IP telephone gateways and IP networks can talk, in which voice from the switch (or directly) transmitted to the gateway after the gateway will be compressed voice and then the compressed voice packets labeled the form of IP packets through the Internet / Intranet gateway sent to the other; the other gateway to the received data packet unpack and restore into the compressed voice packet and to extract it back into a normal voice packets, and allow users to call. [Keyword Search]: VoIP IP extension Gateway Large In Small