Internet Opportunities in Ghana

Internet Opportunities in Ghana

BloggingGhana will round-up the year with a discussion on Internet Opportunities in Ghana. This is a part of our monthly Hangouts to learn and share about Internet issues with the people concerned. Last month we brought experts together to discuss the challenges the e-commerce industry faces in Ghana.

We will spend sometime finalize the Road map doc which came out of that discussion and move to discuss opportunities one can derive from the Internet in Ghana. You have been highlighted as one of 15 special guests who have identified unique benefits online and we would appreciate it if you could share your experiences with the audience on the day. 

We usually prefer you are present physically to spark the conversion, but if for one reason or another, you are unable to make it physically, please feel free to join us via Google Hangout. 

Please find details of the event below

We would be pleased if you could confirm your availability for this event

Hope to hear from you favorably.

1. Recapping  Paypal4Ghana discussions and finalizing the E-commerce Roadmap
2. What the different opportunities available on the Internet for Students, Entrepreneurs, workers, businesses
3. How can others take advantage of such opportunities
4. Can people raise money online? How?
5. Can the Internet help create jobs or reduce poverty in Ghana?