Internet Marketing Success – It All Starts With List Building


Looking at all of the different ways to make money online? New to the world of internet marketing? Feeling a little overwhelmed by the millions and millions of ways to do it? Are you wondering why it seems so complicated when you keep hearing about how easy it is to get started making money online? Well let me make it really, really simple for you: it is all about list building!

A lot of people who are just getting started in internet marketing are looking to make cash really quick and lose sight of the importance of building a list. Look, you could literally spend months or even years, chasing the quick buck, jumping from program to program…system to system…hoping that each time you start a new one that IT will be THE ONE. I am going to tell you right now you need to stop that.

First of all, there really ARE millions and millions of ways…BUT…within those millions of ways there is really only ONE thing that you need to focus on. This should be good news for you and help take away some of the feeling of overwhelm. So now all you need to worry about is this one thing, and that is…like I said in the beginning…building a list.

List building is really pretty simple…it’s not brain surgery.

You build a squeeze page.

You put it up on a server.

You start sending traffic to it.

People sign up for your list

Bam…you are in business. And it just started with a list!

Now keep focusing on your list.

Keep sending traffic to your page so your list keeps growing. There are dozens of ways that you can do this. You can:

Write articles about your niche.

Write a blog regarding your niche.

Use Pay-per-Click.

Write press releases.

Learn Search Engine Optimization.

Don’t ignore your list! Talk to them…keep focusing on the list! Set up an autoresponder system and pre-load in a few messages. Put in things like news items, information and tips about your niche. Also, introduce your readers to a product or service that you have found to be very helpful or valuable. If they like what they see (it is still about the list, get it?), they will buy it and you will make some money.

It’s pretty simple. Stop jumping from program to program. Everything starts with list building…and that isn’t rocket science! Get your squeeze page up. Set up an autoresponder system. Drive traffic. Talk to your list…offer them stuff. Get serious. Stay focused on the list and you will be making money in no time.