Internet Marketing Newsletter Basics


If you have a business and would like to maintain contact with your existing clientele on a consistent basis, then opt-in email advertising is something that is extremely effective and something that is and will continue to be used in the foreseeable future.

One of the best ways to maintain the ability to contact a customer base without annoying them is to create a weekly or monthly newsletter that actually adds value to the inbox of the person receiving the email. In other words, you actually deliver valuable information to them that they can use with each and every newsletter.

The process of creating a newsletter is extremely simple and almost completely effortless if you are a business blogger who regularly adds articles to your business blog covering subjects related to the interests of your list.

The goal of any newsletter is to get your subscribers to anticipate its arrival. If you can write compelling and relevant articles that your readers enjoy reading then that puts you one step closer to having your list members consistently open your email newsletter to browse its content. Of course, the goal of any newsletter is two-fold. The first goal is to maintain contact which the newsletter does automatically, but only in the event that you consistently provide value. The second goal is to further the monetization of your business through advertising in your newsletter.

So how would an opt-in newsletter appear with respect to its layout?

There is no right or wrong way to layout your newsletter, but here is a basic layout that your can follow that will maximize revenue as well as add value to your readers.

Greeting. Obviously, the greeting would be first. If your readers opted-in to your list using their first name, then this is where you would insert the [name] field so as to personalize it for each subscriber. If you do not have their first name, then a simple warm and enthusiastic greeting to your readers will suffice. Many subscribers to list prefer not to reveal their name when subscribing because of the fact that they prefer anonymity and that is fine. It makes no difference.

Advertisement. Truth be told, the advertisement or any other method of monetization has to be the first item in your newsletter. Lets face it. It takes time and effort to create a newsletter and time is money. Almost all publications and traditional forms of media are supported by revenue generated via advertising. Newsletters are no different. So, to maximize revenue, the advertisement will be placed in the first spot after the greeting.

Freebie. One way to add instant value to your readers is to add a freebie after the advertisement. Freebies are a great way to tempt subscribers to open future newsletters. One place you can find freebies that you can give away to your list is through other internet marketers lists that you can join and then unsubscribe if you like. In many cases, internet marketers yield give away rights to their products in the hopes that they will spread through the internet in a viral fashion. you can do the same with your products. These are referred to as viral giveaways.

Content & Articles. This section is a no-brainer. Obviously, the main reason any subscriber reads any publication be it traditional or digital is for the content. The content is the reason they subscribe in the first place, be it for the subscription alone or an opt-in freebie. It is in this spot in your newsletter that your will consistently provide original and informative content.

Preview (Optional). One way your can close your newsletter is to build your readers curiosity for the next issue. This can be done using a preview of the content in the upcoming issue. This allows you to build anticipation and is a highly used and highly effective means of driving return reader.

In the end, as stated previously in this article, the goal is to add value to your readers inbox. If you do this, you will have loyal readers for as long as you publish your newsletter.