International Convention Centre ? A Premier Entertainment Venue


The International Convention Centre – Also known as, the Rotorua Convention Centre situated in Rotorua, New Zealand is specifically designed for exhibitions, conferences, concerts, theatre and tradeshows. The building that boasts a blend of contemporary and traditional designs features some of the best architecture illustrated within its walls and floors. This unique structure overlooks a picturesque garden that surrounds the centre.

Its portfolio of versatile entertainment venues that include a number of concerts, dances, theatre, cultural events and touring shows will delight visitors to Rotorua. The Rotorua Convention Centre hosts an array of foreign touring acts as well as an abundance of local shows for the enthusiastic traveller.

The centre houses over five spectacular venues used for premier exhibitions, gala dinners, conferences, functions and meetings. Each of these rooms with varying sizes boasts mezzanine floors, breaker rooms, and multi functional foyers. The centre’s Banquet Room can accommodate up to 1, 000 or more people for a gala function or a cocktail and up to 800 or more delegates can be accommodated at the concert theatre also known as the “Civic Theatre”.

This grand structure can further house 50 exhibition booths. The convention centre conducts over 100 outdoor concerts and events annually for the local public and its visitors. The International Convention Centre, known as a foremost important part of New Zealand’s economy is the ideal attraction for a traveller to explore. With its plethora of events also comes cultural and traditional stories that explain the importance of this grand structure.

Enthusiastic travellers to Rotorua should definitely find the time to attend one of the country’s most prestigious competitions known as the “64th Festival Weekend of Song” scheduled to be conducted on 29 October – 31 October 2010. Visitors can also enjoy some of its nearby attractions such as the Rotorua International Stadium, Rotorua Soundshell, Te Runanga Tea House and the charming Lake Rotorua.

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