International Business Travel- Do & Don’ts

.tags While traveling on a business trip, the first thing you would want to know is where to buy tickets. Besides the conventional approach of approaching a travel agent, or the last minute rush at the airport, the most convenient means is via the internet. Here also, travelers have two options. One can either book via the official website of the airlines, or through a host of travel services websites that give fantastic discounts on practically all tickets.

Now, let’s come to another important part, what are the essential things to be done, and what all points should you be careful of, while traveling abroad.

A first aid kit is an indispensable addition to one’s travel luggage. Basic medicines like aspirin, paracetamol, cough syrup, etc. as well as vitamin supplements, B-complex in particular, must be available at all times. Many also have a habit of feeling nauseated during air travel. This, and other similar physiological disorders, if encountered in the past, must be prevented by carrying the required medication in addition to the ones mentioned beforehand. A pack of glucose is another vital ingredient in the first aid kit, and so are antiseptic lotions and a pain relieving balm.
Talking of health, you might be taking all kinds of precautions, but still, it’s best to prepare for unforeseen circumstances as well. For this, one needs to take a good medical insurance policy before traveling, and ensure that it holds well in the foreign land as well. Another policy you can take is a travel insurance, which also includes medical claims in some cases. The added benefit in the latter case is that one’s luggage is also covered in case of theft or any damage.
Everybody knows the rising threat with regards to terrorists and similar anti-social elements, which has led to travelers requiring to be present with identification at all times. Hence, it’s important to make multiple copies of the passport and other relevant documents so that even if they get misplaced or stolen, there is always a plan B.
One should also leave copies of the passport, contact information and addresses of the places he/she will be staying during the entire trip. This allows a friend or relative to contact them in case of any emergency.
Maps are to traveling what food is to the body; they are essential, and there’s no getting around to this need. One must carry maps of the city/cities that are being visited, so that there is no confusion of routes, and one can easily reach any place on time.

And lastly, communication is one part which is essential as well as expensive, since international roaming charges are pretty heavy, to say the least. However, with the latest range of Matrix international SIM cards, one can save up to 80% on international calls. And that’s not all; there are fantastic internet usage plans as well with the Matrix 3G data card. Now, you can carry the World Wide Web along with you anywhere you travel! These two products are the fastest growing travel communication accessories globally. Go get yours today!