Interesting Facts About The Goldfields Region – Victoria Australia

.tags Have you ever travelled, or wanted to travel, the goldfields region in Victoria, Australia? The region is certainly known for its amazing gold rush history and, with numerous historic cities and towns, this region is packed full of interesting facts. Here are a few facts you probably didn’t already know about the area.

In the small town of Clunes you will find the Clunes Bottle Museum. The museum is home to more than 6,000 unusual bottles and is said to be the biggest collection in the Southern Hemisphere. Clunes is also a popular filming location. This is largely due to the fact that almost the entire town is covered with heritage listed buildings. Films including Mad Max and Ned Kelly were shot along Fraser Street in Clunes, a street that today, still strongly reflects the magnificent gold rush era architecture.

To the west of the goldfields region, stands the charming township of Avoca and, although the town has less than 1,000 residents, it comes packed with history and is proudly home to Victoria’s oldest operating chemist and Australia’s oldest operating butcher shop, which were both opened for business in 1854.

Further south you will find Lake Wendouree, which is located in the goldfields larger town of Ballarat. The lake was originally named Yuille’s Swamp after William Yuille, known as Ballarat’s first resident. Today, the lake is used mostly for recreation by the local residents and the lake is home to numerous species of wildlife. Along with the more common wildlife such as, swans and ducks, the lake is also called home to around 100 native water-rats.

For the history buff, back in the mid 1800’s and the gold rush days of Ballarat, all diggers had to have a gold licence in order to search certain areas of Ballarat land for gold. If a digger was found without such a licence, they would immediately have to pay a fine, or, be chained to a log until the fine was paid.

East of the goldfields, we find the popular city of Castlemaine. With its gorgeous Georgian style buildings, Castlemaine boasts Victoria’s oldest public gardens, the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens. The gardens were impressively transformed from gold mining landscape to stunning gardens in the 1860’s. The city is also the birth place to the creator of the Chiko Roll, a favourite Australian savoury snack.

As you can see, the goldfields region has quite a collection of interesting and fun facts, and it certainly doesn’t end there. The goldfields region offers superb art galleries, magnificent gardens, world-class food and wines, and many historic attractions such as Sovereign Hill and the Gold Museum located in Ballarat.