Inter Milan midfielder turned out new nuclear


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Sneijder is not , who will ease Inter ‘s offensive ? The field formations Mourinho has told everyone the answer : Motta ! Flash in the pan is the Brazilian scored the winning goal assists Eto’o , Inter Milan get out from Frankie , home and away double play Viola advance the Italian Cup final.
Italian Cup : Fiorentina 0-1 Inter Milan [Sports Photo Center ] Mota break

Twice within 10 days of fighting off the Viola vs. Juventus and Barcelona , so the devil’s schedule , even iron Corps also exhausted. In the 2-2 draw with Fiorentina last weekend , the Inter sit tight in the 25 to the leader position, but have no time to adjust Inter soldiers come from , just three days after Inter guest Frankie court again , this time , has always been stubborn The Mike Mussina has had to make a large rotation of the starting lineup .

Before , ” Gazzetta dello Sport , “the analysis by noting that the Inter War Viola is a major key will be the return from injury of Motta , starting in the prediction of rice body , Motta formation right half will serve as the location of 433 , he Will no doubt take up the offensive big office. In fact, the “rice bodies ” of the forecast is only half right : Mike Mussina , a variation of the field in the 4312 discharge formation , as right-back Ivan Cordoba , Maicon position in right half forward position, and appeared in more Motta Frontal location for the key , but not ” Gazzetta dello Sport , ” the importance of material is Mota , to help kick the ball ghosts victory Eto’o opened the door !

Inter first half completely passive position, in Florence, very violent attack , even to the second half , the play still has not been too much the situation changed , and until the whole match to the first 56 minutes , the situation has gradually become clear . Motta sent in large closed area on the right over the top with a cross , in the restricted area planted in time Eto’o take the hint , after stopping the face of calm was succeeded Fred Tuishe ,1- 0, the value of these goals without saying Yu , which is almost a lock for the Inter final places after the game “Rome sports daily , ” commented , ” This wonderful set piece , reminiscent of Harvey Motta . ” match will pass the data of 67 feet , more than Harvey easily pass from the foot to divert hundreds are still far , but 3 feet is the key to passing attack card Ming Mota good vision and talent.

Of course, the ” blue-black Harvey “concept is not the first time mentioned. If it were not injuries, called the Inter Motta absolute best players in the near future . Both ends of the Brazilian per capita show a world-class standards. Chelsea away to war , Motta fight to cramps , very good curb Frank Lampard , Michael Ballack , who frequent the pressure on the heavy shelling of the door , and returned to Livorno and Bologna war , assists and goals were completed Motta Mui Second , in particular the 3-0 victory over Livorno in the game, feet Zhisai exactly the same style and Harvey , field guides and even crazy shouting “xavi-motta ( Harvey – Motta ) “, the game In the performance of Motta proved again with assists , “Harvey – Motta , ” not Langdexuming recent games scoring 2 goals 3 assists and 3 times, gone through the baptism of half of the season , Mota was finally ushered in the blue The peak of his career a little black .

It has been such that this Inter array now , the most trouble is not happy up front, but Motta . If Motta placed in the 4312 formation of a defensive midfielder position, in front of Wesley Sneijder is bound to a certain extent, undermine the existence of offensive talent Mota , and Mota If the top of the AMC location, is undoubtedly the defensive skills of Mota Waste. The game, the attacking midfielder Thiago Motta sits there is not much performance at the defensive end , of course, in the backcourt with the Inter stationed themselves on a large number .

Today, Mike Mussina might not need to worry for the happiness of a headache to deal with the devil race , Motta with the performance and Sneijder demonstrated their capability to achieve the rotation , the existence of two talented playmaker , is the full three fronts against Inter Champion The best support.