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Development, management and promote efficiency, service was the market, the quality of survival, “we will strictly follow the ISO9002 quality system


Increasingly improve their professional skills to a more sincere service back to society all circles of support and love.

Current general manager of industrial Chen Jinjiang

In just a few years, the trend of industrial whirling domestic washer


Market, behind her, What has been the


What? Throughout the development of industry players, Looking into the future, industry trends, how will the next level!

Industry trends from the initial small


Hard work, to the current large corps, very difficult. Washer panel production areas, the trend of industry are not pioneers, but they do successfully than others. We should believe that the success of the trend of industry must have her reasons. Although the industry time to understand the trend in 2023, it has been the trend of strong industry

Business management

Culture captivated. Working relationship with the trend by senior industry


Common product issues and market issues discussed, and each time thought the collision, will allow the author surprised?? Intake than their original vision to see the market.

Mid-September, a sunny afternoon, the author and general manager of similar trends in industrial Chen Jinjiang

HC Network

Shenzhen AV supply and demand meet at. In her spare time, to talk again about the trend since the founding years of industry ups and downs, filled with emotion. Persistence and self-confidence from general manager Chen Jinjiang relaxed look, discourse, the author re-read the current industry, but also a better understanding of the trend of industry of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Yesterday, endless struggle

Company began


When we are all very hard, the first month of Chen Jinjiang entrepreneurship, general manager of deeply felt hard, but we never gave up, because we all believe: the market will definitely recognize and accept the current industry cost-effective products. Time dating back to 2001, Chen Jinjiang general manager found washer development so fast, washer panel affirmed a booming market. Even if the trend only do one China, hundreds of cities nationwide, such a big market, the annual


Amount should also be very optimistic, not to mention so many countries worldwide. President Chen was full of pride, the lead on the trend from the Shenzhen Industrial Co., Ltd..

Unfortunately, marketing is not as optimistic imagined. “They have to crack the market in Guangdong, and strive to do first”, it relied on the sentence on his conviction, President Chen and the employees of one mind regardless of rain or hot sun by lightning, are to look for manufacturers to sell their products, the company began When we are all very hard business, the first month we ran a few bad pair of shoes that do not know how many feet from blisters, but we never gave up, because we all believe: factories are definitely the trend of industry recognized and accepted cost-effective panel.

Time after half a year of struggle, the Guangdong market, developed rapidly and has to enter the national market. Between early 2002, the factory will be expanded to increase the staff. Manufacturers have found a very good trend products, prices reasonable, the tide began to find purchase requirements. While many orders, but the trend of quality never relaxed, a material flow requirements for each are very strict, for each process are very Gou moment. When all the product off the assembly line later, but also for its comprehensive


To ensure the quality of the product to the factory after. All employees are confident of the current products, because they are very clear that the quality of their products are first class. This is understandable.