Intelligent control to network traffic more secure


“In enterprise networks, traffic is increasing. However, because most companies lack of traffic management, so companies can not identify which applications are good and which application is malicious, not to mention the social networking sites and online video content identification. “IDC Enterprise Data Center Network Architecture and Communications Vice President Cindy Filippo Vic said,” companies must be able to use an intelligent way of real-time updates and support, a clear distinction between network traffic to ensure network security. “
Management of social networking
Social networking is the relationship between people to make more “sticky.” For example: using social network marketing to find customers, employees use social networks to maintain contact with colleagues and family. U.S. Air Force in September 2010 by the U.S. Department of Defense documents, authorized to access Facebook.
Enterprise Web 2.0 applications or organizations (such as Facebook, YouTube, and WebEx) management, will be a very important requirement. Can see that is changing the nature of the network. Applications and information content have migrated to the Web, making the Internet become an important infrastructure component. This will bring two challenges: First, how one can have complete control over the global network management applications on the reliability and security; second is how to look the same in all traffic situations, the valuable content and recreational or malicious content separate.
Web traffic is a wide variety of, if not taking into account the two aspects of applications and content, it can not effectively manage them. Currently, there are some customers using Blue Coat WebPulse cloud service and PacketShaper integrated approach to network applications and content for real-time perception and classification. WebPulse has 70 million users of cloud services, can be shared among users with each other to create a community network awareness, and millions of websites and billions of URL, classified into 80 reasonable and manageable categories, so CIO content easier for unified management of sites similar to help network administrators to complete applications and content for the priority of policy deployment, applications and content while curbing bad.
“By WebPulse Cloud service, enterprise four different categories according to the classification of each URL, making the content of network management applications and more accurate. For example, companies can allow the use of Facebook chat and update status, but the bandwidth limitations Facebook game. At the same time, the total throughput of up to 3Gbps PacketShaper 12000 devices can be a complex mixture of applications and content to provide a high volume platforms. “Blue Coat Systems Product Marketing Manager, Greater China, said Shen Qiang.
Future applications should
The traditional solution is found under the domain name application, this approach obviously lacks sufficient scalability and flexibility, but also keep up with the rapid web application and content development. The traditional solution requires a new network for each game to create a new strategy, even if its existing strategy may be similar.
The absence of similar groups for the creation of a content management strategy and capacity, these solutions become extremely resource intensive, and when the content and application changes, will increase management costs. In addition, for the respective categories depending on the application you want to manage the enterprise, this approach can not be achieved on Facebook, email, chat, video and games and other applications to accurately distinguish between sites, and effectively control the flow.
“And WebPulse integration, to bring a PacketShaper Web content and application management for the comprehensive and dynamic perspective, allows companies to stay ahead.” Shen Qiang, “the powerful processing power and bandwidth of the combination of application control , is the PacketShaper device characteristics, it enables enterprises to predict the performance of business-critical Web applications and the flexibility to set policies for other Web content. “
Classified by the integration of the URL, PacketShaper can help companies automatically applied to existing strategies and application of new discoveries over the content without the need to download the new digital signature, change the system configuration or create a new strategy. For example, when PacketShaper found a new social network, will automatically be classified to the social networking category, then the strategy has been set in accordance with direct control.
CIO PacketShaper allows measurement of network application performance, according to the contents of the Web traffic classification and management to ensure high priority for quality of service applications and content (QoS) and traffic control on the poor.

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