Inspired Infestation: Insect Motifs and Bug Baby Bedding in Nurseries


Anyone who has ever dodged a bee that made its way inside, or waged a less than successful battle against armies of ants that have invaded a kitchen might be less than thrilled with the idea of dressing their daughter’s nursery with bug baby bedding. Take the time to view of few of these cute insect-themed collections and you will find yourself experiencing a rapid change of heart.

The adorable insect images that adorn nursery linens bear no resemblance whatsoever to those pests that regularly devour your garden and force you to stock up on calamine lotion each and every summer. Decorators love nursery gear that features whimsically rendered ladybugs and dragonflies (among many others) in a host of different colors because the motif is unique enough that it looks great in just about any home setting.

If you are still feeling a little wary about festooning your daughter’s first room–including her crib–with assorted creepy crawlies, then you might be surprised to discover that insects are a prevalent secondary theme in many styles of baby girl bedding. Those hunting for traditional flower images for their little one’s linens will find that many include sweet images of meandering bees and smiling caterpillars.

Parents who have decided upon a mixed animal motif find many insect images mixed in amongst the mammals. Whether you choose a serene jungle or safari theme, or you seek out scenes of merry barnyard animals, it is more than likely that the cast of characters featured on both the quilt and the sheets will include butterflies and other insects in a host of coordinating colors.

When working with any motif, accomplished decorators agree that it is best to buy a complete bedding collection rather than shopping separately for each piece. There are several good reasons to do this, among them the fact that you will save a great deal of time and money. Crib bedding is sold in sets of various sizes and gather together all of the items you will need to fully dress your daughter’s bed.

Smaller insect-themed collections include standard size linens, while larger ensembles add extras like window coverings, also adorned with the images featured in the bedding pieces. An enormous variety of insect baby bedding is marketed in sets, often for less than $ 200.00. In this way you will find yourself in possession of a very well decorated nursery for your girl–who is herself sure to be cute as a bug.

st and time saving than buying each piece separately. Doing this will not only be faster and easier, but it will be cheaper. Crib bedding is available in all sizes and contains all the various items that you would need to decorate your daughter’s bed.

New moms and dads who are looking for an animal-themed room will notice that there are lots of insects included in the designs. Color coordinated characters of butterflies and other insects are a common feature of various themes like safari, jungle, merry barnyard animals depicted on both the quilts and sheets.

If you are having second thoughts on whether you ought to be decorating your daughter’s crib and nursery with a bunch of creepy crawlies, you should know that insects are in fact a popular and common theme in various types of baby girl bedding. A parent may be searching for a floral motif on the baby linens and will begin to notice on the most attractive ones cute little caterpillars and buzzing bees.