Inspire Radiance


Are you aware of what inspires you? Get quiet for a moment and take a really deep inhalation. As you inhale, feel all the teachers in your life-all the supportive friends, family members, people who love you up-supporting you. Breathe in every every ounce of desire you have ever felt for wanting to be, do and have more than the voices inside of your head think you can. Breathe out negative energy, anyone who is holding you back, all the people, places and things that ever urged you away from your longing.Visualize all the negative energy releasing through a chord dropping down deep into the earth. Visualize negative energy and stagnation being burned and releasing steam, as you allow yourself to receive guidance for what inspires you. Forgive yourself for ever going against what inspires you and connect to the voice of your Soul.

It is time to reconnect to the longing deep within you. It is time to live your life with deliberate intent, as a prayer for what you want to create, to become the change that you wish for the world. You are carrying a Divine message deep in your Soul that is longing to come out. By holding back, you withhold inspiring people in your life to claim their radiance. By living in judgment, limitation, seeing the truth for others as the fears you hold within, you are leaking power and disconnecting from the seat of your Soul.

Have you ever seen a homeless man and avoided making eye contact? Or a person with a confused look on their face and avoided them altogether? Or a beautiful being as skin and bones and turned away from what they are in order to preserve who you are? The Blessing of your Soul would offer a wave of compassion as you stepped into the presence of another person who may need what you have to offer. As you step up and claim your power, speak from your Truth, feel compassion and fall in love with yourself, you evolve consciously and awaken the world within and all around you to a deeper, more conscious and efficient way of being in your life.

I challenge you to pray your way through today. Rather than judging yourself or the world, allow yourself to bless all the parts of you-the holy, happy, healthy you, as well as the energy that is seeking solice and may show up as an inner critic reminding you of how you are not enough, never enough, and will never be healthy or happy. How about using the energy within you to be the Blessing that you wish for the world?

How do you want to feel? What inspires you? When you see someone smiling for no reason, stnding up tall with their head up when they walk into the room, how do you feel? What if you became what inspired you today? What if you were forgiven for everything you have ever thought, said, felt or done that went against what you know takes care of you? Forgiveness is in order for you to step into your radiance. Release the past and step into the now, blessing all the energy inside yourself and living from that place. No longer is it up to you or anyone else to remind you of what’s wrong with you. It is time to spend your life discovering what is right with you and moving towards your inspiration. Your Soul is carrying a unique and precious message and the Universe is prepared to support you in creating a strong, courageous, powerful, abundant and radiant life.

Here are some questions to inspire you:

* What makes your heart soar?
* What do you wish for everyone in your life?
* Imagine moving forward with commitment from every part of your being, there are no more limitations, how do you feel?

Enjoy the journey. It is the destination. Start today to live your life from the feeling place of what inspires you.