Inspirational Thoughts For the Day – There is Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself


Do you have any fears? Think about it, are there some things that you simply dread doing, like public speaking, for instance. Most of us do fear something or another. I’m going to give you a quick rundown of 7 basic fears that prevent you from living life to the fullest.

1. Fear of failure
This is a very big fear that many people have. Is it better to try and fail or simply not to try at all? I know I’m one for trying and failing and trying again. Failure is quickly forgotten and there are some valuable lessons to be learnt from it.

2. Fear of being alone
Many people are scared that they may end up alone. Even if you lose your partner, there is no need to be alone. Get out there and socialize with others and join community groups. You’ll be amazed at how many people there are that want to share your company.

3. Fear of criticism
We’ve all been cut down to size by criticism at some stage and it isn’t a pleasant feeling at all. If you’re out there, trying new ideas, you are going to get criticism from others. When you succeed though, this will all turn to praise.

4. Fear of public speaking
Do you hate getting up there and speaking in front of others? My glasses used to get all steamed up and then I’d get more nervous but, I’ve managed to get over it, and now I address groups daily. Just focus on one person in the audience and imagine you’re talking to a friend.

5. Fear of success
Can you believe it? Along with fearing all the other things, some of us fear being successful. Success comes with responsibilities and that may be daunting.

6. Fear of being hurt
When you’ve been hurt emotionally a few times, it may seem easier not to get involved again rather than getting hurt again. Unfortunately, we are social animals and, by and large, need to get involved with others.

7. Fear of the unknown
None of us really know what lies ahead but why be fearful of it? Rather think of it as a great adventure full of twists and turns.

By letting go of your fears, you will enjoy life so much more. Fears really hold you back and they’re all in the mind – you can control what you think!