Inspirational Thoughts For the Day – No One’s Knowledge Can Go Beyond Experience


John Locke said that no one’s knowledge can go beyond his experience. Do you agree with this? Having you experienced everything that you know or do you know things that you have not actually experienced?

You see, there is a difference between knowledge and belief. You may believe something because you’ve been advised by a reliable source, perhaps a friend, newspaper or an encyclopaedia. For example, you may believe there is a place called Moscow because you have read about it and heard about it. However, unless you have actually visited Moscow, you do not know that it is there. You can only know it if you have actually experienced it. Up to the point where you experience it, it is merely hearsay or a belief.

So, what does this mean for us? I’d say, at the end of the day, you should aim to experience as much in this life as possible. If you don’t want to go by other people’s knowledge, you need to go out there and have your own experiences. The very thought of it invigorates me. What is better than to be out there experiencing things all the time and adding them to our base of knowledge?

You can really get motivated by doing this. Going back to the previous example, you could say that you’d like to experience Moscow. The next thing is to work out how and when to experience Moscow and, of course, how you’ll get the funding together for this. Suddenly you’re setting goals that give you something to work towards and also to look forward to. Life becomes stale and boring when you have little or nothing to look forward to.

So, although our inspirational thoughts for the day seem technical today, we can easily apply it to everyday life. Just go out there and experience all that you can.