Inspirational gifts


If you want to give your loved ones a memorable gift that would touch his or hers heart, you should consider a religious gift, depending if that person has a Christine background or education, of course.


There is a great verity of spiritual gifts and the best thing about them is that each one has a biblical story behind it.

One of these options is Holy Land olive wood crafts. These gifts can also take on a personal character by printing a specific message on them.

First of all, there is the special meaning of the genuine olive wood from the Holy Land. Some of these trees go back hundreds or even thousands of years. The olive trees grew at the places Christ once lived: Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth.

The olive oil, the tree’s yield played an important part back then and the olive trees beautiful materiel is mentioned time and again in the bible.

The olive woods crafts represent all kinds of religious stories. It ranges from complicated craved stouts to a simple cross.

The Olive wood Nativity is a good example. The Nativity is a perpetuation scene of the birth of Jesus Christ. The story is well known from the bible and the Gospels of both Matthew and Luke.

Another example is the Ten Commandments made out of Olive wood. The Ten Commandments are the list of moral imperatives to mankind. These commandments are the basis of both Judaism and Christianity.

Another special gift is an olive wood cross. The cross is a symbol of the perfect obedience, a Second to none sacrifice of love, for Jesus willingly sacrificed himself to please God.

Other items to choose from are “hands of Prayer”- beautiful carved wooden hands that are tacked together in that inspirational moment of the connection with the Lord. 

The Holy Bible. & New Testament with an olive tree cover is also a wonderful gift that the person who received it will forever treasure.

All these messianic gifts have a special spiritual meaning for any occasion and they come with a certificate of origin.