Inspiration – How to Find It Every Time With 6 Geometric Steps


Many people think of artists as unstructured, followers of no rules, and free thinkers. Yet, it is routine structure which provides access to inspiration in any endeavor. Contrary to what many people think, the route to inspiration is NOT a straight line! If you follow the structure, you will discover the bubble of inspiration every time.

Whether you are creating a painting, a garden or anything else; structure is the place to start.

1. Focus Point

Begin by focusing your intent on one specific point. Edit out all other information. Focus on the specific point where you are at the moment you begin. Not trying to be anywhere else other than where you are at the Present Moment ~ THIS is focus! This is the POINT at which you begin.

2. Line

Follow the line, whatever line it is which leads you next. It could be your next thought, your next word or your next mark on paper. We often call this your ‘train of thought,’ your stream of consciousness or word association. In a drawing it is simply an extension of the point, connecting to another point. The line takes you into the depth of the picture plane. Suddenly there is a new horizon established which did not exist before you created the line.

3. Angle

Changing directions from the line creates three dimensional space. The angle may feel like going off on a tangent at first. You may wish you were on that train again. The process of simple geometry requires this angle from which depth is established. Try this with a pencil and paper, then see how it feels to change directions. Changing directions can often times feel like giving up on what you thought you were going to create. This letting go feeling means that you are taking hold of the Muse’s hand. “OK, I’ll just go with you for a bit,” you might say to your Self.

4. Triangle

Innate direction will guide you automatically back to create the triangle. Whether you are using words, ideas, thoughts or garden shapes; going off on that tangent always comes back to the point. It’s instinctive. It’s the way humans are wired.

5. Square

Now expand the triangle by adding a line. Square things up. Set things straight. Do this WITHOUT thinking! Thinking isn’t part of this process. This process is rote. It doesn’t matter how pretty or ugly the square is… only that it you ‘square your Self’ with it.

6. Circle

The last step (the human realm) is stepping into the circle. Once you put a mark inside the square, you ARE in the circle. You are holding the hand of the Muse asking to be shown how. This takes you from knowing to NOT knowing. Each mark, word or idea asks a question. For each question, an opening is created for a gift. Each gift can be accepted or declined. It may be sketchy and faint at first. With each question, the inspiration will grow clearer and more distinct.

If, for some reason, you lose your way during the process, simply start again at the present point of focus and reconnect with Your Inner Source.