Ink Cartridge Directions

.tags The ingeniousness of computers are unlike anything else. Like pets, they try to tell us when they need something, but like our pets, trying to determine exactly what it is that they need, can sometimes be a guessing game. Getting a message that says the ‘ink cartridge is low’, or ‘needs replacement soon’ sounds straightforward enough, but then againwhat is a cartridge? Computer user’s might question where ink cartridges are inside of a printer. They might be curious and wonder, “How do I change it”? Additionally, “What kind of ink do I need”? These are all valid questions for the novice and unstudied user.

Trying to choose printer ink can leave you feeling like you’ve opened Pandora’s Box. Often, there are many ink cartridge brands and printer variaties leaving the buyer confused. Your also think about where to order from, “Should I order from an office supply store or online? The shelves and websites are over run with cartridges for ink jet printers and laser printers; ink for Canon’s and Epson’s, and Dell’s; black or colored ink; new or refilled ink cartridges-the list is endless. Until you are familiar with the cartridges you need, visiting a local office supply store (where there are clerks to help you with your selection) may be your best bet.

To make an informed purchace you must know your printer. Read the user’s manual and write down the printer make and model. Read the directions in the manual on how to locate, remove and replace ink cartridges. Place the extracted ink cartridge in a plastic bag and take it with you to a local office supply store. If you are lucky, your store of choice might take the expended cartridges in exchange for a discount to your purchase price.

As soon as you have gathered the information needed, and have your old cartriges in hand, head out to the local office supply store. Locate the ink cartridges that you need, and then look over your choices on the shelf. More than likely it will not be cost effective to buy the a single ink cartridge. Stores usually offer outstanding discounts on multi-packs. Even better, two color ink cartridge packages may come with free black ink, free paper, or have buy-one-get-one-free specials. Some stores offer rebates, credit cards, or vip member cards that ultimately reduce the cost associated with doing your own printing. These specials will help you in the long run because there is nothing worse than running out of ink when you really need it.

When you return home with your new ink cartridges, read the user’s manual to help you install them into the printer. Once you have installed the ink cartridge one time or two, you will no longer need the user’s manual. Be sure to keep your receipt to check for rebate forms and to make sure the ink cartridges fit and work properly.