Information About Sikkim Adventure Tourism


Adventure Tourism is becomeing more and more popular each year. Every new day there are a number of national and international adventure events organized so as to highlight dozens of challenging sports and as well the participates. The capital of the North Eastern State of India, Sikkim, is a popular hub for adventures. This spot is perfect to enjoy the chill of trekking and white water rafting, which helps you explore charm at the best.


Adventure Sports in Sikkim, North East India


Sikkim boast of the snow-clad Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. Enthusiast on visiting here can make a remarkable trip to the mountain trek and discover the unexplored lakes, exotic flora and some endangered wild lives. Trekking to Bakhim offers the chance to encounter more than 20 varieties of rhododendrons, while the routes to Dzongri (3963 meters above the sea-level), provides the spectacular view of the setting Sun.


Trekkers, who are spiritual at heart can opt for the Monastery Leisure Trek and make a fruitful adventure trip. The trekking adventure, further, turns more interesting with experiencing the adventure of camping. Tourist can contact the tourism department of Sikkim for the required equipments. Also, novices can polish their skill with learning about the adventure programmes offered by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.


The best time to undergo trekking adventure in Sikkim is from February to May and October to December.


River Rafting:

Sikkim welcomes adventure lovers for a journey to the water world. They can go rafting in the Teesta river that gushes through the Makha down to Sirwani following Rangpo. Another river Rangit also take rafters from Sikip to Nayabazar and finally to Malli. On the way, undertakers can locate a number of white sandy beaches, which act as a nice place for river beach camping and staying over night.


An ideal to enjoy white water river rafting in Sikkim is from October to April.