Inexpensive Retirement Living in Mexico; Cheap Mexico Real Estate


More and more retirees are looking for ways to live well with an active and comfortable lifestyle, but stretch their retirement savings a little further at the same time. Many observers are realizing that living in Mexico is an excellent way to address this combination, due to the country’s high level of quality in services and infrastructure, while still offering an inexpensive lifestyle.


One of the first steps in saving is finding good but cheap Mexico real estate. While luxury condos overlooking the beach and high-end villas in up-scale communities are plentiful, those who really need to find savings will need to do a little more digging. The difficulty is that finding something “cheap” is useless, unless it’s also a good property, comfortably usable or easily improved without a large expense.


The good news is that a hand full of Mexico agents have gone to the trouble of finding a list of properties that balance these tricky demands. The following are a few examples.


1. A condo in an upscale golf community – $ 125,000


This 2 bedroom condo in Playa del Carmen is comfortable, and in a nice complex with a pool. Why so cheap? It’s a little back from the beach, kind of at the “back” of the community, and the owner is motivated to sell quickly. But it’s within walking distance to a golf course, a pizza shop, a Sam’s, and a new mall with an English movie theater. The downtown tourist area as well as the beach is about a 5 minute drive, or a comfortable bike ride (there is a bike trail shaded by tall trees.)


2. Lot with 66 feet of beachfront – $ 64,900


The beachfront is virgin, and the lots backs onto a beautiful lagoon. They have direct access to the federal highway, electricity, water, phone and internet. There are building permits. Hospitals and large stores are about 45 minutes away. It’s cheap because Campeche (a state on the Yucatan Peninsula) is just beginning to grow as a tourist area. These are probably the last lots of this sort you’ll find for this price; nearby similar lots are already selling for almost double.


3. A small, quaint 1 bedroom home – $ 45,000


These homes are small, but well build, and designed to have a second floor built, if desired. There is a large park nearby with a soccer field. Why the low price? They are on the “other side” of the highway, and the yards are not very large. The drive to the beach is about 10 minutes. If you want a quiet, relaxing low-cost lifestyle with warm weather, this kind of home could be ideal. The two bedroom version is available for about $ 60,000.


Of course, other examples can be found. If you are retiring on a budget, don’t rule out living near the beach with warm weather, and many services nearby – it is within reach!; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely