Industry Promotion Planning And Market Exploration And Cable Industry


Ten final qualifying industry are: steel, automotive, marine, petrochemical, textile, light industry, non-ferrous metals, equipment manufacturing, electronic information and logistics. The reason is that electric energy not get the job situation is becoming more relaxed. See more exciting information

1, the basic situation of the revitalization of industry planning

Final qualifying session is ten industries: steel, automotive, marine, petrochemical, textile, light industry, non-ferrous metals, equipment manufacturing, Electronic Information and logistics. The reason is that electric energy not get the job situation is becoming more relaxed. Ten industries on the situation as follows:

(1) iron and steel industry to raise standards of construction steel to support the household appliances, shipbuilding and automobile industries, using domestic steel.

(2) Automotive industry as a breakthrough in new energy vehicles, strengthen independent innovation, create new competitive advantages. The goal of the new energy automotive industry, independent research and development capacity-building objectives and fostering productive system and other services. The promotion of new energy vehicles consumption. In addition car to the countryside, while preferential policies.

(3) highlight the difficulties in shipping industry currently is a rapid decline in new orders from last September to the global shipping industry, the amount of new orders has fallen significantly, not volume. Of a state to stop construction of new docks, the manufacture of domestic capital ship orders first to take loans.

(4) petrochemicals is expected to grow 100 billion yuan of funds for the upgrading of domestic refineries level. Petrochemical Industry Promotion planning or involved in two strategic oil reserves, and will clearly promote the commercial oil reserves. In addition, fertilizer and other chemicals to further enhance the export tax rebate rate. Of the three types of domestic and foreign acquisition of scarce resources to support.

(5) the total number of textile enterprises in the country of 20 million to about 300,000, about 10 000 key enterprises in the middle of about 2 million to 30,000 businesses, basically at the zero profits condition; the lowest level of about 30 million businesses , number of employees about 1,000 people, was hardest hit. The revitalization plan is to secure textile million jobs in 2000.

(6) light industry exports currently blocked, light industry revitalization plan that in the next three years will be food, appliances, paper, plastic, leather, metal, batteries, lighting appliances, washing, light and equipment to revitalize key industries .

(7) non-ferrous metal and light industries, should control the total elimination of backwardness, technological transformation. Discount loans will be arranged to support the national technical renovation of enterprises, the adjustment of product structure of export tax rebate rate, of which copper, aluminum metal focus, to support high technology content and added value of processing exports. Currently the State has approved the direct purchase of electricity from large corporate policy, this policy is estimated will reduce production costs per ton of electrolytic aluminum enterprises 100 ~ 200 yuan / ton.

(8) equipment manufacturing industry is an important manifestation of overall national strength and the country’s mainstay industry, and Other Industry related degree. Includes nine sections:

1) large-scale efficient and clean power generation equipment: mega kilowatt nuclear power generators, ultra-zero sector thermal power units, gas – steam combined cycle generating units, integrated gasification gas – steam combined cycle generating units, large-scale circulating fluidized bed boilers, large hydropower units and pumped storage units, large air-cooled units, wind power Generator And so on.

2) super- High pressure Transmission and Distribution Equipment: Energy: positive and negative: 500 kv DC and 750 kv Transmission Line key manufacturing technology to develop 1000 kV UHV AC and plus or minus 800 kV DC power transmission Equipment .

3) complete sets of large-scale ethylene plant: to promote large-scale ethylene megaton devices and complete set of p-xylene, of this acid, polymers of aldehydes equipment domestically.

4) large metallurgical equipment: large sheet of cold rolled and coated material layer equipment processing complete sets of equipment.

5) Integrated Coal Mining Equipment: Mining large scale integrated coal mine, transport and washing equipment to enhance and large surface mine equipment.

6) CNC machine tools: improve the large-scale, precision, high-speed CNC equipment and numerical control systems and feature level.