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Any Industrial Repair Services and Servo Motor Repair Services provider maintains the highest standards and quality control processes to guarantee the best repairs and services for all types of Servo/VFD/AC/DC Drives, Servo Motors, Temperature Controls, Industrial Timers & Counters, and Industrial Printed Circuit Boards. All PCB repairs are performed to IPC quality repair work standards.

Industrial electronic controls repairs, servo drive repair, VFD drive repair, AC drive repair, DC drive repair, Servo controller repair, power supply repair, industrial PCB repair, LCD monitor repair, CRT monitor repair, touch pad monitor repair, light curtain repair, chart recorder repair, digital data recorder repair, servo encoder repair, servo resolver repair, Hall Effect sensor repair, motion controller repair, operator interface repair, monitoring board repair, teach pendant repair, temperature controller repair, industrial timer repair, industrial counter repair, vector drive repair, ultrasonic cleaner repair, welder control repair plc module repair and much more are included repair services in Industrial Repair Services and a failure to a critical piece of electronic equipment is vital to a company’s productivity so, Industrial Repair Services provider organization always being aware of this thing.

Servo Motor Repair Services USA includes Mechanical faults, Electrical faults, and Electronic Faults, and these faults are analyzed and diagnosed by a qualified servo repair technician who fully understands servo motors as a complete closed loop system and correctly and quickly isolate these unique faults and repair them successfully. Mechanical faults are bearing, contamination, imbalance, rotor magnet failures, coupling failure, worn brushes and other mechanical wear and tear; Electrical faults are motor windings shorts, coil shorts, wiring connections etc; Electronic Faults are feedback devices misalignment, component failures, memory power failure and damaged electronics. Any Servo Motor Repairs cannot be removed from hand, always it require specialized equipment.

There are so many things which are taken care while Servo Motor Repair Services. Pancake servo motors must be demagnetized at the time disassembly and re-magnetized upon assembly after repairs. Dragging the rotor magnets over the stator will cause damage to them as they are often very brittle or delicate. Perfect and correct alignment of feedback devices is crucial. At Ampion Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc., we have designed our own jigs to align Resolvers, Encoders, Hall Effect devices commutation sensors etc to the manufacturers’ specifications. With the use of oscilloscopes and torque meters, we check the wave pattern of the Servo Motor winding and the torque output to ensure the Servo Motor will deliver during operation back at your business.

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