Indonesia Plastic Chinaplas 2010


HC plastic mesh News: Exhibition time: 2010 May 5 to 8

Venue: Jakarta International Trade and Exhibition Centre

Exhibition period: 2 years / session Exhibition size: 8295 square meters Show Description: Indonesia International Plastics Exhibition

fifth (Indoplas & Indopack2009), International Exhibition Center in Jakarta, Indonesia to carry out D Hall. Jakarta as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, political, Economy And cultural center, foreign tourists, businessmen, investors to enter Indonesia’s door. This exhibition will bring together the most powerful in Southeast Asia plastics industry Plastic Packaging Giant and the leading companies in related industries.

Indoplas2009 leading international exhibition companies from Indonesia PT.WahanaKemalaniagaMakmur (WAKENI) host; originated in Indoplas2004 years in Jakarta, Indonesia International Plastics Exhibition cum Packaging (JI PPS 2004), has been INAplas (Indonesia Plastics Industry Association) in support, while Indonesia, the Indonesian Business Association and the Packaging Association to sponsor the exhibition also uphold the professional exhibition with many years of experience in the industry to provide you with the exchange of information and taking orders platform.

Concurrent exhibition will be jointly organized by relevant: “INDO PA CK2009 “(fifth Indonesian International Packaging Exhibition),” INDOPRINT2009 “(Fourth International Indonesia Print Exhibition), “INDOFOODTEC2009” (Third International Indonesia Food Technology Exhibition). “Net exhibition area will exceed 20,000 square meters.

With the economic recovery, the Asian market is expected to maintain a high rate of growth, and full of opportunities. Today’s Indonesia, in the political, economic situations are stable, is at a high level of development. The first quarter of 2004 economic growth rate of 4.8%, real GDP will exceed the past five years, reaching a new high of 4.6%. The first quarter of 2005 is to achieve economic growth rate of 5.4%. Indonesia, the market demand of plastic packaging each year to provide 273,000 jobs in 2004, output value reached 6 billion U.S. dollars, has become one of Indonesia’s pillar industry. Believe that participation in Indoplas2009 will be your master key to success and expansion of the Indonesian marketplace. According to local professionals to disclose more in Europe to buy a plastic packaging machinery costs need to buy 6-7 Taichung made the same machinery, and more to enhance the quality of Chinese products, so the Indonesian market is in need of such Chinese products, but suffer look for no one to turn. If China-related enterprises to take Indonesia’s economic recovery ride, grabbed the orders of the opportunities, Indoplas2009 will give you the best opportunity to help you develop the Indonesian market.

Last review: 2008 International Plastic Fair in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and other regions from 18 countries, a total of 259 exhibitors. 74% of visitors came from Indonesia; 19% came from other Asian countries; 16.2% from Europe; 7% from other countries; 84.6% for the professional visitors, of which 33%, CEO; 24% for general managers; 16% for business marketing; 18% for other duties; 9% for the public visitors, according to statistics, 70% of the audience said they would continue to visit Indonesia 2009 International Plastics Exhibition, really looking forward to the arrival of the show.


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