Indirect Flights ? A Smart Way to Travel


Taking indirect flights as a means of making cheap flight bookings has been around for quite sometime. Although, netting cheap fares is perhaps the biggest attraction behind indirect flights, there are some other lures as well. Indirect flights give one the chance to explore different exotic airports and countries. Indirect flights also allow one to experience flying with different airlines. Quite unsurprising, that so many travellers make exhaustive online searches for indirect flights. Here is a little more insight on indirect flights.

Big Savings

As a thumb rule, indirect flights usually translate as cheap air tickets for the buyer. In fact, many travellers make a conscious effort to break their journey into different legs when they go about making flight bookings. Air travel involving multiple legs is highly likely to be much more economical than a direct flight and most travellers who wish to reduce their air tickets cost try to include at least one stopover in their journey.

More Airlines to Choose From

A major reason behind the high savings is the availability of more airlines to choose from. In other words, travellers booking different legs of their journey separately can take their pick from a number of airlines serving their stopover destinations. This means, there is a high scope of comparing the fares offered by different carriers and narrowing down upon the cheapest air tickets.

Chance to Explore Different Airports and Countries

Indirect flight bookings also allow travellers to have a brush with many world class airports as well as exploring fascinating destinations which they may not have plans to fly to in the near future. For instance, many travellers with a stopover in Delhi and Dubai can explore the amazing Terminal 3 of both the airports. Many travellers on long haul flights like from London to Sydney also opt to take a stopover in magnetic Far East destinations such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. However, travellers hoping to explore the different destinations need to make sure that they meet the entry requirements of their stopover country.

Opportunity to Fly with Different Airlines

A direct flight limits one’s flying experience. For instance, someone who takes a direct flight from London to Delhi with Air India will only get to experience the services of Air India as compared to one who would book the same travel in two legs from London to Dubai and then Dubai to Delhi on two separate airlines.

Charm of flying Airbus A380

Taking indirect flights on certain routes also increases the chances of an opportunity to travel aboard the famed super jumbo Airbus A380. Currently, just five airlines have a handful of these planes on specific long haul routes. For instance, travellers flying from UK to Sydney with a connection at Singapore may book Qantas flights as the airline has deployed A380s from Singapore to Sydney. However, the travellers must confirm the same from the travel agent or the airline as the schedule may change without notice.