Indian Food India’s Cultural Representation in US


India is a diverse country possessing large geographical area and numerous culture. The geographical regions, climate, religions, languages and customs all have great effects on the country’s various cuisines. India’s culture can be well reflected in its cuisines from different parts. Different locations possess different cultures and are famous for their own cuisine that represents India to the world. Especially in US the Indian food is in great demands over the recent years as some find that the Indian spices are very good for health and also possess medical properties which enhance the craze about Indian dishes more among the people of US.


Some of Indian street foods are also getting popularity in US like Pani-puri are basically small hard hollow balls which are made from wheat flour and are popped up into the mouth as a single piece one at a time. Each puri is size of the mouth therefore is easy to eat in one go. Pani is flavourful water and is prepared adding extract of tamarind along with mint and coriander leaves and even some black salt is added to the water. Depending on the level of spice you can digest.

Samosa is another very interesting and favourite street food. Again the stuffing inside the triangle cone shaped tortilla wrap is varied depending on the people’s choice. One basic ingredient however remains the same that is the Potato. It is street food which is famous all across the country as well as in US.


North Indian cuisine is normally known for major usage of dairy products. Sweets like jalebi, peda, gulab jamun, ras malai, laddu, barfi, halwa, falooda, and kulfi, and pickles known as achar, prepared from vegetables such as mango, lime, tomato, onion, etc. are the major items in North Indian cuisine. East Indian cuisine, the specialty of East Indian food is its sweets. Many of the sweets that are famous all over India. The Bengali Rasgulla is one of the most favorite and famous sweet that eastern India has given to the world and is widely known in US too.


South Indian food items are dominated by rice items. The staple food is rice, eaten with gravy items, such as sambar, rasam etc. The food items of Western India are typically categorized as Maharashtrian, Gujarati, and Goan preparations. The coastal areas of these three states mainly use seafood as staple eating items. The Indian food has been putting its great impression among Americans as it is of great taste and the varieties to serve the people of US.