India Rajasthan Travel ?The Treasure Trove of Natural Beauty


The diversity in climate and geography makes India rich in natural beauty and attractions. Rajasthan, the land of forts and palaces experience harsh climate and uneven geographical feature yet it is has bounty of natural beauty. The beautiful land of Rajasthan is adorned with majestic mountain, golden desert, stunning sand dunes, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries full of flora and fauna. These all features make Rajasthan very beautiful. It being the largest state of India holds many geographical forms and attracts large volume of tourists every year.

Vast expense of Thar Desert covers large portions of Rajasthan land. Though the climates in these regions are rough and harsh but tourists visit the place very frequently to explore the stunning beauty of sand dunes and golden landscape. People from far and wide place visit the place to get the glimpse of golden desert. These regions are also visited as three most important cities of Rajasthan are situated on the stark of arid Thar Desert. These cities are Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer. There are many tourist attractions in these cities. People love to explore the attractions cites in these cities. Desert National Park is also situated in some portion of the desert. This national park is famous for bird watching tour. The park is famous for natural beauty made of sand dunes and bushes. Came safari is an interesting activity to enjoy in the midst of desert land. Sam and Khuri villages are the treasure trove of stunning sand dunes. These villages are located in the remote desert and can visit the place by riding the camel. After traveling in the dry and arid region you will feel restless and will quest for a comfy stay. You can have comfortable stay in one of the heritage hotels in Jodhpur. Hotels of Jodhpur are known for world class accommodation.

Mount Abu is the single hill station positioned in the dry and arid desert sate. The place is amazingly beautiful. The place is rich in natural vegetation. The famous Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary is also situated nearby this place. Mount Abu is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is very rich in flora and fauna. There are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan that are the treasure trove of natural beauty and wildlife attractions. Forts and places are the major attractions of India Rajasthan travels. Come and explore the natural beauty of the land. Package Tours to Rajasthan will let you explore all hot attractions of the state. Many tour packages are available in the market to explore the bounty beauty of Rajasthan.