Increasing the Marketing Effectiveness of Your Emails


Increasing the marketing effectiveness of your emails is a priority that needs to be maintained for you to be successful online. Accumulating a list is not enough and in fact is a waste of time if your marketing message is not being read. Here are 5 simple email marketing tips you can use to help make your efforts more effective by increasing the impact of the messages you send to your list.

Avoid the Holidays!

Do not bother promoting to people on holidays since it is likely they may not even see your message. Like for you, their holidays are filled with family, friends and long days so who will take the time to be checking their email? If anything send them holiday wishes but do not send any type of marketing message since your efforts will likely be ineffective.

Avoid the Weekends!

Here too weekends are generally used for family time and household chores. People are busy and will have little time to be sitting down in front of their computers! Use this time instead to prepare yourself for the upcoming week by composing and scheduling your messages or addressing other aspects of your business.

Emphasize with Words!

Take advantage of the ability to have direct contact with your list members by avoiding the use of too much hype when addressing them. Hype and symbols that emphasize urgency are generally used on a much broader audience with whom you have no direct contact and are merely trying to gain their attention. Remember the people on your list have opted in therefore you already have their attention. Use this contact wisely by speaking with them in a convincing and persuasive manner but hold the hype!

Test Your Links!

When sending out any marketing message that has links in it, always remember to test then ‘before’ you hit the send tab. What good is the message you are sending if you have submitted a bad link? Not only have you wasted your own time, and theirs, but you are also ‘dinging’ your own credibility with them as well!

Don’t ‘Smother’ Readers

Maintain a consistent schedule of contact with people but do not overwhelm them by emailing them too frequently. Firstly they will likely not appreciate being ‘smothered’ by you and secondly it will hurt the effectiveness of your promotional efforts even when you do have something ‘great’ to offer! Maintain a reasonable contact schedule allowing both you and them time to breath. By doing this, when you do make contact it will be better appreciated being you have not ‘worn out’ your welcome! To be successful online you want and need your customers to look forward to your contacts and not dread them!

It is not the size of your list that counts but the marketing effectiveness of your efforts that will make you successful online. Having an enormous list means absolutely zip if the marketing message you are sending does not even get read. For many reasons list members choose not to open and/or read much of what they receive in their in-box. The 5 email marketing tips offered above will help to increase the odds that your messages will be amongst those that people do choose to read. Remember as a marketer, you need to continue thinking like you are a customer in order to be successful online.