Impressive Pumpkins for Halloween 2010


Halloween 2010 is coming, and pumpkins are most concerned to be creatively carved because carved pumpkins are considered to be the soul of Halloween season. It’s so marvelous that under the skillful hands of artist and sculptor Ray Villafane, ordinary pumpkins become original with scariest shapes hitting Halloween 2010. Those simple pumpkins are carved to another higher level with gothic gargoyles offering the popular but unique themes for Halloween holiday. Ray Villafane, now 41 years old, is living in a village of Bellaire, Michigan, United States. His works have got much attention and admiration from locals and people around the United States. It can not be denied that Ray’s works are masterpieces helping him become a two-time winner of the Food Network’s Challenge: Outrageous Pumpkins. Let’s have a look at the most impressive images of carved pumpkins by Ray Villafane as follows and see what is moving on those interesting faces.


What an anxious face!


A wrinkling and angry face is carved out of a pumpkin


Ray Villafane, the 41-year-old pumpkin carver, has won the Food Network’s Challenge: Outrageous Pumpkins twice. At present, he is an art teacher at a school in Michigan, and carving is considered as his big interest. One day, on the occasion of upcoming Halloween, Ray Villafane wanted to change something funny on such normal pumpkins by carving. Since then, Ray Villafane has been keen on carving on pumpkins with horrific faces, or gothic gargoyles well fitting the theme of the popular Halloween holiday.


An old witch‘s a horrific face


Whether or not the pumpkin was finished its carving. The face seems to be crying


A horrific Halloween face with scary snakes


The weight of a pumpkin is the most important criteria to be carved. In order to have a wonderful carved Halloween pumpkin, you should choose thick ones, it means that they are very heavy for its size. Using different types of sharp knives to carve a 3-D face onto a shallow flat surface.


Two different half-faces are matched into one creating a devil face


A big pumpkin is carved in to the face of a powerful tribe leader


It was a human face covered by the shell of a big pumpkin


It took Ray Villafane much time to complete the carved Zipperhead from a pumpkin



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