Important things to remember while renting Upper West Side apartments


Upper West Side in New York is one of the choicest areas in NYC. It is flanked by the Hudson and Central Park on both sides. It is home to many things that are typical NYC – like cafes, museums, bagel shops and so on. The best thing about Upper West Side is that in spite of being right in the center of a pulsating city, it is still largely residential in nature. Upper West Side apartmentsoffer a variety of great places to stay in if you want to live within a short walk of the river and the park. Besides, Upper West Side has always had a reputation for housing most of New York’s cultural and artistic talent as opposed to other regions where the business types live.


Upper West Side apartments that lie along the Central Park are considered to be the pick of the town. Numerous celebrities like John Lennon have their apartments here. Additionally, Riverside Drive, Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Avenue are also quite popular and eye catching.


So, whether you are looking to rent Upper West Side apartments for a short term stint or for a long stay, there is much on offer. One of the best things about UWS rentals is the fact that rentals here are getting cheaper. A report by the Real Estate Group of New York showed that rentals in Upper West Side are actually falling when compared with prices recorded in September, 2008. Rentals for two bedroom apartments in particular fell almost by5-10%. Some landlords are also offering incentives to attract customers so that apartments get filled and do not remain vacant. However, there were some categories like studios and one-bedroom apartments, where prices remained steady or rose slightly higher than before. This gives some indication of the kinds of apartments that are in demand.


Another attractive feature of upper West Side apartments is the flexibility it offers. The area is diverse enough to accommodate different categories of people. So, whether you are just new to the job market or earn an impressive salary, you can find something suitable in UWS. It is possible to find luxurious apartments at $ 6,000 or more. Some of the rentals here look like boutiques, with mahogany floors, countless chandeliers, pedestal sinks and the like.


If you are looking for prime Upper West Side apartments, your best bet is to make use of the services of a reputed real estate agent who acquires apartments and places the same on rent after redeveloping the same. With such an agent, it is possible for you to express your specifications and get a suite/apartment that is a perfect fit for your unique needs.