Importance Of Corporate Wellness Programs

.tags Employers loose billions of dollars and hundreds of productive hours every year due to employee absenteeism and below-par performance. One of the major reasons for this is sickness, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle of modern-day workers. That is when corporate wellness programs become important to be adopted. Corporate wellness programs have now become an important part to improve employee satisfaction and well-being.

Corporate wellness program refers to a systematic plan adopted by an organization to pursue and promote the health of its most important asset its employees. A corporate wellness program is all encompassing in the sense that it promotes not just physical fitness, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual health of workers.

The importance of corporate wellness is twofold. One, it leads to a healthier, more energetic and productive workforce. Two, it leads to a significant reduction in healthcare expenses and improved employee morale.

There are different levels of employee wellness programs and each company needs a program that meets its objectives. While some corporate wellness programs provide very basic services, others are more comprehensive and holistic in their approach.

An employee wellness program typically includes educational drives focused on employee health improvement, provision of on-site healthcare and diagnostic screenings, health risk evaluation, weight management and fitness assessment programs, nutritional and meal planning system, disease prevention initiatives, etc.

Corporate Fitness is the Buzzword

One of the most important and probably the most visible element of a corporate wellness program is corporate fitness which refers to setting up and maintenance of a corporate fitness facility where employees can work out.

Employees actually consider the provision of an on-site fitness facility as an added perk or bonus as it provides them an opportunity to follow a fitness regimen thats not just convenient, but also free of cost! Setting up a corporate fitness facility is a concerted effort by a company to boost its profitability and employee performance as well as create an atmosphere that encourages employee health and fitness. By providing its employees a place where they can exercise, and also bust their entire days stress, employers are indicating that employee wellness is their top-most priority.

Depending on its size and objectives, a company can build a fitness facility thats pretty modest in nature or a state-of-the-art studio that includes the latest commercial grade exercise equipment. Some organizations also offer group training programs like yoga, Pilates, aerobics, etc. that encourage employees to train together and foster camaraderie between workers.

Whatever may be the scope of a corporate wellness program, most companies outsource its set-up and maintenance. If a corporate runs an on-site gym for its employees, its important that they hire the services of a professional corporate fitness solutions provider to ensure the safety and efficacy of its facility.

A corporate wellness program is an investment that an organization makes in employee health and fitness. And its not just the employees who reap the benefits of such a program. Even employers get rich returns from their investment through improved productivity and quality of work, greater employee satisfaction and reduced churn!