Immigrant Investor Programs In The News

.tags The EB5 Investor Visa has been a runaway hit with investors, companies and the US government. The program has been extended over and over for a decade and a newer, lower-requirement sister program has just been launched. This article details several instances of EB5 in the news.

There is a wide range of businesses that take advantage of the EB5 Investor Visa program to lure investment from those that want an EB5 Green Card. There are so many benefits and advantages that can be gained by businesses that have one of these programs in place. All the programs and products are designed for those businesses thinking about helping their company and the economy as a whole grow. The program was created originally by the government in order to entice investors from foreign countries. They can then become immigrants to the United States of America, provided they have enough money to invest and meet the strict criteria. The program is in place in order for businesses to create more jobs and is extremely useful to businesses of all sizes.
Lon Tabatchnik is an ambitious and wealthy property developer. He has just announced some large plans for a resort to be built on Hollywood Beach. His current plans work towards a scheme that will cost in the neighborhood of 131 million dollars. This creates many jobs for people, especially in this economy. In todays society it is very hard to make ends meet and finances are so tight that companies like this are looking towards the immigrant investor program for funding. Some people already have the green card that will keep them in the country. However, some do not and this where the business comes in. They find extra investment from a foreign investor who wants to live in the United States of America.
The EB5 is an employment based visa and is gaining popularity around the world. If everything goes according to plan, Tabatchnik will qualify for regional center status and begin processing investor visas in 2012 to help finance his development. The facilities where the construction will take place are high quality and large and will be a boon to employment in California where jobs are in such short supply.
Across California and in fact all over America, development teams are turning more and more to this program relating to immigrant investors as an extremely popular choice for raising funds. In Florida, a large number of regional centers are springing up. In fact in this state alone, there have been a reported 14 regional centers that have been approved. These regional centers, already operating or to be built, will cater to more and more immigrant investors to help them get decent returns and a passage to American residency and ultimately, citizenship.