is looking at small gold producers with big upside and exploration properties in Africa


The run in gold prices continued on Monday as the yellow metal popped higher and silver hit a fresh 30 year high.

No one knows how high the precious metal complex will rise but this environment has reignited the interest in past mines which may have been unprofitable in the past.

Our team has some past producers and current small scale producers in Nevada and Mexico which are extremely profitable and can be a big addition for a junior miner looking to step up the size ladder. The past producers we have identified are available to any client who emails us.

The move to hunt down past producers is not the only interesting trend that is looking at on behalf of clients. We noticed that there is a definitive interest in Africa by junior miners. has spoken to many property owners and we are looking to finalize the acquisitions of properties which we will be able to offer to clients. Again we are able to offer these African properties to clients who email us. 

The trend to do business in Africa cannot be stopped. Junior miners are looking for deals in the Dark Continent. Many juniors in the past have gone to Africa and achieved remarkable success. This success is so pronounced that miners in West Africa could find themselves the target of acquisitions by senior producers looking for growth.

This article profiles Golden Star and Semafo which both started as juniors and both successfully used their assets in Africa to move up the mining food chain.

A more recent success like New Dawn Mining Corp. is the perfect example of a miner which has grown their businesses from the start-up phase to become a significant player. There is a lot of room for “new” New Dawn’s who can adapt and thrive in this continent rich in resources.

This trend in African gold mining is here for the long haul. Goldman Sachs sees the clear upside for the industry in Africa. They have identified Nigeria as the driving force behind exploration and production of gold in the next three decades. would be pleased to match you with a suitable project or claim. All you have to do is email our office at We charge a finder’s fee for all completed transactions. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY IMINESCO MAKES MONEY.