Images of Worst Natural Disaster in Brazil


At least 541 are dead after the massive flooding and mudslides in Brazil on Thursday, 13 January, 2011, making it the country’s worst natural disaster ever. The mudslides and floods were caused by heavy rains in the Serrana region. Three towns in the Serrana mountain region including Novo Friburgo, Teresopolis and Petropolis were devastated as landslides. Flood water destroyed homes, roads, power lines and buried hundreds of people alive when they were sleeping. The disaster killed at least 247 people in Novo Friburgo, 231 in Teresopolis, and 43 in Petropolis. It also made around 1,000 homeless in Teresopolis alone. Rescue teams are trying to search for trapped and missing people in this shocking disaster.


Hundreds of people in the town of Teresopolis, the highest town in the State of Rio de Janeiro, were buried alive while sleeping.


The flood has made about 1000 homeless. In addition, thousands in Teresopolis have been cut off from power and telephone contact due to the flood.


A bus is engulfed by flood water in Sao Paulo


The rescue work of flood victims is quickly being carried out in Teresopolis


A road has been destroyed by flood water in Teresopolis.


A car was totally broken because of landslides and flood water in Nova Friburgo


Corpses are placed in a house in Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil


Houses are engulfed in floodwater in the town of Teresopolis


People are trying to search for survivors in Nova Friburgo


Rescue team is searching for flood victims in Teresopolis


A temporary bridge was built to help people avoid flood water


People use rubber boats to move out of their houses as flood threatens Sao Paulo


Hillside collapsed in Teresopolis causing many wreckes


People are standing in the house that can be collapsed at any time in Caleme district in Teresopolis.


A destroyed church is completely surrounded by debris and floodwater after a landslide  in Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil



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