I’m tired… Balancing Work & Travel in Rotterdam, Netherlands

I’m tired… Balancing Work & Travel in Rotterdam, Netherlands

** I’ll be doing my first YouTube live on Sunday 17 June at 5:30PM UK time! Will you join me? **

In this week’s vlog I’m in Rotterdam, Netherlands for a week-long travel blogging event called Traverse. Traverse is an influencer conference that takes place over a weekend, and there are loads of events to enjoy in the host destination in the week leading up to the main event. This year’s conference is in Rotterdam, and I set aside one day to explore the city and join some of the events – but I also had a video to get online! So I thought I’d film a vlog showing you how I travel and work at the same time… only it didn’t really go to plan.

Warning: There’s a lot of general rambling in this vlog!

After a hectic couple of weeks (and nowhere near enough sleep), I’m tired. My goal for this week in Rotterdam is to get at least one week ahead on work. I set aside one day to take part in events, but I also didn’t get my new travel vlog from Gran Canaria finished in time… so I need to try and squeeze that in.

I really want to show you more of the ‘behind the scenes’ going forward and that’s what I attempted to do here. Only it was a little too ambitious on this occasion.

P.S. You might have noticed that I’m now a few weeks (and a few countries!) behind on this channel. The video that didn’t go live ended up not going live for another two weeks. That was the Gran Canaria video and I ended up losing all my files just as I was about to export. But sometimes things aren’t meant to be and I really need the break!

I’ll be back to uploading twice per week from next Wednesday onwards, and I’m going to attempt a YouTube live on Sunday (if I can figure it out!).

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